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    I have been on Primal living for about 2 years. I eat all organic. No fast food no processed foods no fluoride and only alkaline water from artisan well.

    I lost 30 pounds in the beginning and feel great but have a very hard time losing waist fat.

    I do weight training everyday and occasionally do HIIT training on a treadmill.

    I do not count calories and do IF's especially breakfast. I wake up with a flat stomach and after I eat it becomes bloated. I started taking probiotics to see if that would help but do not see any difference.

    I do really low carb maybe about 100 grams max a day. Do plenty of Fat and Protein.

    How can I lose that extra waist fat?

    Typical meal:
    BF: 2 to 3 eggs and 3 to 4 slices of bacon and 1 avocado.
    Lunch: 1 chicken breast cooked in a pan with coconut oil and mixed greens and tomatoes with plenty of olive oil.
    Post workout: Grass feed Protein shake
    Dinner: most of my carbs are at dinner.
    Snacks: Nuts

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If your stomach is flat when you wake up but only becomes bloated after eating, then it's probably not fat because fat would not go away overnight. Everyone's stomachs get bloated after eating, especially if you eat a large meal or drink a lot of liquids with it. Other than that, belly fat is really hard to lose, and if you find a good way to lose it, please let me know because I have that problem too.

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      I had some stubborn belly fat. I lost about 21lbs, 11" in 3 months, and the last to go was the belly fat. The belly fat started to disappear quickly after I started a Crossfit programme. My sense is that the combination of lifting heavy and HIIT, in combination, has led to success. My body continues to morph and change each month, and I feel very good about moving in the right direction.

      I also wake up early in the morning quite lean (body is burning fat overnight). I also IF on a near daily basis. My last meal is at 6pm and I don't eat anything until Noon the following day. My eating window is about 6 hours. The only times that I break this pattern is on crossfit days --- because I'm really hungry after a workout. After a crossfit workout, I consume slightly higher carbs and reduce fat. On my non workout days, I increase fat and lower carbs. Seems to be working for me, but I'm interested in what's working for others.

      ps. I'll also add that I don't eat any grains or sugar. I'll add a sweet potato on my workout days. Also, I don't drink any of my calories. I gave up coffee a few weeks ago and feel less bloating than normal. I've increased water intake, and generally feel that I'm on a good path. I'm always open to adjustments as I go, and when others offer up some good advice.

      F, 48, 5'10"
      Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
      Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

      Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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        Not an expert, but I'm one for thinking "most of your carbs" shouldn't come before bed. Maybe it's just not getting worked off enough?



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          Is it belly fat or just a food baby? Belly fat takes time to lose, years sometimes, and you're doing pretty much everything right. I would have suggested HIIT and IF too.
          F 28/5'4/100 lbs

          "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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            Could you be overtraining?


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              Thank You All,

              I appreciate the input and it seems my problem is not being patient enough. I need to give it some time to be able to lose all the fat I accumulated from over the years of poor choices.

              I could be overtraining but I'm addicted to lifting heavy things. I do get 8 hours a sleep every day.

              I was just hoping for some miraculous secret.

              Maybe I should increase my IF's and HIIT's.


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                There's nothing you can do to specifically lose any "extra" waist fat. Spot reduction isn't possible ( spot reduction myth ) and the necessary thing that you need to do is to further cut your calories down and continue losing weight/fat.
                I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

                Getting fit is also about managing your mindset:


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                  Make physical activity a way of life. I'm beginning to think that the "feeling better" part of the lifestyle is the bigger reward than simple fat loss. I've been told I've been losing weight over the last few years, but I don't see it. My diet's slowly improved (with periods of not so much), but I do feel better since I've started moving more.



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                    How often do you IF? What kind of HITT workouts do you do? I find both IF and HITT is what did it for me.

                    Also, I feel that eating all of your carbs at night is the right approach. If you IF, you will increase insulin sensitivity and release HGH through out the day. Have you ever workout in fasted state?


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                      Originally posted by jackson44 View Post
                      How often do you IF? What kind of HITT workouts do you do? I find both IF and HITT is what did it for me.
                      I don't do HIIT at the moment, but since I started doing serious IF my boyfriend is telling me I'm starting to look cut in the shoulders, back, and arms. I can find my abs, and if this keeps up they will be clearly visible pretty soon.

                      He's starting to ask me about exercises for hypertrophy.

                      IF, seriously.


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                        Can you add a weekly sprint WOD once a week? How often do you IF?


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                          Originally posted by jackson44 View Post
                          Can you add a weekly sprint WOD once a week? How often do you IF?
                          Are you responding to me?

                          I might do sprints when summer comes, or something more like calisthenics. At the moment I am concentrating on flexibility and upper body strength.

                          My normal eating pattern is 19/5.


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                            I lift weights to gain lean muscle mass everyday.

                            I do HIIT on a treadmill - Run at 12MPH for 45 seconds and rest for 2 minutes with about 8 reps.

                            I do IF's 2 to 3 times a week. But am scared of loosing muscle mass.

                            I lift weights on the weekends in fasted state.

                            Just seems to me that my waist fat lost has plateaued.

                            By I do see more of the abs when in fast state or when I flex.

                            I do not believe in spot reduction of body fat.

                            I do no abs workout but focus on compound movements like dead lifts, squats.

                            Thank you folks.

                            God Bless


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                              Maybe a small piece of the puzzle, but how often and in what quantity do you snack on nuts?