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  • Carb reload?

    So I decided to try a carb refeed today and ate 1 sweet potato fried in ghee, 3/4 cup of red rice, 1 1/2 cup of almond milk and a cup of berries which all totals up to roughly 85 grams of carbs I had today. (along with other fats and proteins) and my total calories for today is 1600 calories.
    I know carb refeeds are typically over 85 grams, but I only did 40 minutes of lifting today and 30 minutes of light cardio so it wasn't much.
    My question is: Has carb refeeding worked for any of you guys to lose weight/body fat? I'm trying to get from about 19% body fat to 17% (used this calculator Diet Calculator, Body Fat Calculator) by the end of summer.