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    Originally posted by foodiegoneprimal View Post
    Unfortunately I can't get away with cheating 3 good microbrew stout beers on saturday left me 2lbs heavier.
    Yep, over here in Asia it is one big 24/7 party. As such I can speak to the effects of alcohol on myself and others who join in said party. The result --> get fat!

    Example. If I go out and drink 3-5 beers on Friday it's going to be -2lbs on Saturday (water loss) and then +2lb of FAT by Sunday. Doing quick calculations; 5 mugs of cheap CASS Korean beer is 750 calories, 91g of carbs. Probably more for "good beer". If you are already eating 100-150g carbs (Mark's weight-maintenance zone) then jumping to 240g on Friday would explain the fat gain.

    Beer is definitely a cheat, but sometimes necessary. Thinking of switching to expensive whisky.


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      Is this a possible reference to Tim Ferriss? He's the first name I thought of when you mentioned cheat days, due to his Slow Carb diet which incorporates a "eat-whatever-you-want" day within the framework.

      I agree with a lot of the above posters - the word "cheat" implies a feeling of guilt about eating a food that's not strictly primal/paleo. If you want to eat a cookie, or a chocolate, or some ice cream, or whatever, eat it. Understand the consequences, and if you don't LIKE the consequences, then avoid it next time. But, if you can enjoy a non-primal/paleo food, and still sleep well, and have tons of energy, then indulge every now and then.
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        I was actually asking in regards to cutting purposes. I'm doing a LeanGains routine.

        I get it, it doesn't align with your ideas of perfect health and blah blah blah. I'm asking if cheat days are beneficial for fat loss and muscle gain.
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          Yeah, it's called a carb refeed, it only works if you're VLC the rest of the week though.
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            Originally posted by foodiegoneprimal View Post
            Unfortunately I can't get away with cheating 3 good microbrew stout beers on saturday left me 2lbs heavier. Last month it was 4 gin and tonics that caused a 3lb gain and took two weeks to come back off.
            Intolerance to gluten or other treat foods can do that to you. Beer has gluten for sure, and gin may as well, depending on the manufacturing process. It takes me about 3 days to get over drinking sake.

            The time I decided to "test" myself by having a caramel hot milk my ankles swelled up like an old lady's. It took more than a week for the bloat to go away.
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              My "cheats" are fruits but since I'm younger and pretty active I need the carbs anyway, so it's not so much of a cheat.

              I personally find that baking the "cheats" helps me to avoid them. Can't say why for certain. Every week or two I bake up something new, cookies, pie, cheesecake, muffins, and offer them as treats to my decidedly non-Primal friends and roommates. By the time I pop them out of the oven I'm completely uninterested in eating any of it. Maybe because I actively witnessed how much non-Primal food went into it. Wondering if this anyone else experiences this?


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                OK, so I haven't read all the posts BUT. You may want to listen to this podcast

                Kiefer & Carb Backloading - Paleo Solution Episode 160

                Having a carb nite once a week a 6-8 hour refeed in the evening gives you extreme fat loss and leaning out. The man in the interview is John Kiefer author of Carb Nite and Carb Back Loading. You have to read his stuff. I started Carb Nite after being primal for so many years and it's working. It helps spark the insulin, ghrelin and leptin to keep them all humming and your metabolism from stalling. Kiefer will be speaking at Paleo FX in Austin. He is an interesting dude. Go check out his website too I am doing Carb Nite and I am down 8lbs in 12 days so far. He gets into why carb back loading the night before workouts. If your doing lean gains then Carb back loading would be more or less the book you would go for. Mark also has talked about carb back loading as well in some of his posts. It will be interesting to see the Paleo Fx DVD when it comes out and see how Kiefer did there.

                Now I read all the posts and yes I have to add that you are ULC ultra low carb all week with one night time carb refeed. ULC <30g BUT you are not counting fiber, so for example 3 cups of spinach have 3.3g Carb with 2g fiber so 3 cups of spinach would only be 1 are still packing a lot of veggies in there for under 30 for the day. I lost 40lbs on Primal, but stalled for over a year, not knowing why. Carb Nite was what helped me realize that my leptin, inuslin and ghrelin were off from being low carb, the carb nite spikes the insulin quickly so that neither of the 3 hormones plateau and you are burning fat continually.
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