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  • Stevia with fillers

    Newbie here. I am completing a "whole 30" and hoping to continue eating primal after. I have searched and read the many threads regarding stevia on the forums. I have noticed than many stevia brands contain "inulin" or "natural flavoring" etc. Is there a stevia that does not contain these things? If I am going to eat stevia with the natural flavorings, why not eat truvia? Thanks so much!

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    Inulin is a pretty innocent form of fiber that won't really do much to you. It is a prebiotic and is present in MANY primal approved foods naturally. Don't worry about it.

    Sugar alcohols and other fillers are a bit more on the murky side and you might do well to avoid.

    If you don't want powders with fillers, however, you could just go for the liquid extracts of the stuff...
    "The cling and a clang is the metal in my head when I walk. I hear a sort of, this tinging noise - cling clang. The cling clang. So many things happen while walking. The metal in my head clangs and clings as I walk - freaks my balance out. So the natural thought is just clogged up. Totally clogged up. So we need to unplug these dams, and make the the natural flow... It sort of freaks me out. We need to unplug the dams. You cannot stop the natural flow of thought with a cling and a clang..."


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      I've found that this stuff is GREAT and it lasts FOREVER.

      SweetLeaf SteviaClear Liquid Stevia, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2): Grocery & Gourmet Food


      Pricey, but really super worth it.

      Seems like all the powders have stupid shit in them, so I go the liquid route.

      Good luck!



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        The liquid you linked to contains "natural flavors". Does anyone know whats in those??


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          Where did you find that it said that? I could possibly be blind at my
          advanced age, but all I can find is this:

          Product Description
          SweetLeaf SteviaClear Liquid stevia use to sweeten food or beverages,adjust to taste 2 drops are as sweet as 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp of steviaclear is as sweet as 1 cup of sugar. Contains purified water,pure stevia leaf extract,grapefruit seed extract. Its a natural dietary supplement.


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            Trader Joe's has a small bottle of pure stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana). It is 622 servings for 10$. The bigger bottle they sell has lactose as an ingredient.


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              I didn't think Stevia was allowed on the Whole 30 anyway?

              But this is the one I have. No fillers/additives! Steviva Stevia Extract Powder ( 1 bottle/1.3 OZ): Grocery & Gourmet Food
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                Why not just use honey or actual sugar? What are you using the stevia for? To sweeten baked goods, you could use a banana or something. Coffee or tea, you can learn to like them without the sugar (I speak from experience). You might want to use your Whole30 to train your taste buds away from artificially sweet tastes, no?

                On topic, I'd avoid anything with "natural flavors"--that's a code word for a number of harmful products. Below is one of many articles that come up with a Google search of "natural flavors what does it mean":

                “Natural” can run the gamut from bugs to beaver butts | Food Identity Theft


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                  Sweet Leaf makes granulated Stevia/sugar blend. NO fillers (unless you count the actual sugar).
                  I only have about 1 tea spoon worth daily. But if you really want to avoid sugar at all cost, you could get the liquid concentrated kind.
                  This one is not bad:

                  Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf Sweet Drops


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                    I read it contained natural flavor on the listed ingredients on the bottle. And you are correct that sugar is nit allowed during a whole 30. Im not currently including stevia as it isntbcompliant during the whole 30.


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                      I am new to the whole Paleo thing, but have a bottle of the SweetLeaf Vanilla Creme sitting here and figured i would list what is on the label.

                      Purified Water
                      Organic Stevia leaf Extract
                      Natural Flavors
                      Vanilla extract

                      I am at work and have no idea what the other flavors have or do not have in them, maybe some do and dont have the natural flavors?

                      I can not add anything as to the "whole 30" thing as I have no idea what that is about.
                      I got rid of using sugar and replaced it with Stevia from my HCG days, I have tons of bottles sitting around
                      and have been using them since I started the Paleo thing recently. I lost weight on the HCG and I am loosing weight
                      with the stevia with the paleo lifestyle, and I use lots of the liquid stuff.

                      What that natural flavor is in the sweetleaf stevia I am not sure, but the nutritionist that I did HCG through warned
                      against the truvia stuff and a few of the other brands and recommended the sweetleaf, so I followed her advice.

                      I also have the powder packs by wisdom natural sweetleaf but don't care for them as much as the liquid.
                      It can be expensive so I get lots of it when vitacost has a good sale, down towards like 7 bucks a bottle.

                      I love stevia - I make soda at home using the vanilla and root beer or the grape as a nice treat here and there.
                      I use it or honey to help drown out the taste of spirulina.

                      I am new to Paleo still reading so how this fits into Paleo I do not know - I figured I would just post a response and hopefully add some value.


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                        I'm cool with Sweet Leaf so far, they seem to be on the side of producing stevia products with as little adulteration as possible. I use their flavored drops, and have not had any effects (whereas I do notice when MSG is masked under another name). Just stay away from Truvia, etc. as they are chemically isolated from the plant (rather than a whole extract) and taste like crap anyway.


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                          I just feel like by using stevia you're missing the point, you're not letting your taste buds adjust to life without shit-tons of sugary taste, you're kind of hindering your own progress in a way. Natural Flavors is a code name for loads of gross things, oftentimes MSG which will totally mess with your taste buds/brain/appetite pathways... I guess looking back it took me awhile to wean off the sugar sweetened beverages, went from giving up pop in Jan '11 to finally letting go of the lemonades/"vitamin water" around March or April and just drinking water, I still put sugar in my coffee back then, now I don't drink any coffee (it makes me thirsty and jumpy and heightens my anxiety, I drink green tea in the mornings now and I do just fine)... I guess if the stevia helps you wean, then it serves its purpose, but let's not try to act like it's healthy. Truvia, Sweetleaf, it's all mass-produced processed garbage, so un-Grok-ly. So if the stevia soda helps you stop drinking Coke, that's good, but it might be hindering your cleansing of your body, it's still loaded up with chemicals ("natural flavors") to make you like the way it tastes and keep spending your money on it... only once you cut all the added sweeteners will your taste buds learn to detect sugar normally. To someone who drinks pop regularly, an apple barely tastes sweet at all. To me (it has been maybe 1.5 years since I had a sugar sweetened drink) an apple is verging on too sweet to eat all at once. Point is, you don't need stevia in your diet. You don't need any sweeteners. You'll be better off if, instead of kidding yourself that stevia is good for you, you find ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with things from the ground.