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what would be an optimum meal plan for a ketogenic female

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  • what would be an optimum meal plan for a ketogenic female

    if u are a female and in ketosis ainches will u plz give me a sample meal plan or if ur anyone and would know a meal plan would so appreciate it
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    This was me a few months ago. I would eat:

    B: Two eggs, steamed greens
    L: Ham, lettuce, cucumber.
    S: Cottage cheese and apple, or celery and nut butter.
    D: Meat, veges.

    It's limited but it worked for a season. My food is way more interesting and enjoyable now.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      hey i see u live in new zealand, im planning on moving there after i finish collage and after i get married , the nature there is just ahhh spectacular and perfect for primal living, here in egypt we have no mountains hills and oceans are from from the cities exept in alexandria and even there the ocean is nt clean, afetr a lot of research im obsessed with new zealand cant wait another 6 or so years crying right nw lol


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        Egypt sounds pretty exotic to me. But yes, I know I'm blessed to live in a such a wonderful country.
        Annie Ups the Ante