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    Hey all,

    So my local health store has just put up an incredible wall full of nuts and seeds of everytype to make your own cheap custom trail mixes. A bit overwhelmed that I am ( I am new to the primal blueprint) I want to make a real good mix that is both tasty and good for me.

    Any recommendation from my primal brothers and sisters of what I should focus on?

    Kind Regards,

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    Instead of trail mix, why not try making pemmican? It is easy to do. I can do it so that says a lot. Basically, pulverized jerky, rendered fat, and some crushed berries. Recipes should be easy to find on the internet.

    For a trailmix, small chunks of your favorite dried fruit, some shredded coconut, a handful or two of almonds, hickory nuts, or maybe pistachios, and maybe finish off with a bit of dark chocolate pieces. Raisens could make the mix too.
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      my "trail mix": lots of small bits of jerky, lots of 100% cocoa nibs, some crushed macadamia, some dried cranberries and blueberries, some shredded coconut
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        Read through Mark's posts Nuts and Omega-6 Fats and A Quick Guide to Edible Seeds. I don't really do trail mix but I do make my own "mixed nuts" - raw almonds, raw cashews, and macadamia nuts (roasted, because I can't find raw).

        If you want to add any dried fruit, I'd recommend deciding in advance approximately how many carbs per serving you're OK with, and looking up the nutrition info online for various dried fruits to see what would work best, and what proportion of your mix could be fruit. Also a lot of dried fruits have been soaked in sugar or are coated in it, so avoid those!

        A little dark chocolate (really dark, like 80%+) is never a bad idea. =] I bet chocolate-covered espresso beans would be good in trail mix.
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          Here's a recipe from a few months ago that I really like:

          I'm only using a little honey on the whole batch (a tablespoon instead of .25 cup) and about half the dried fruit -- made a huge difference on the carb content (lowering it...). Thinking of adding some coconut to next batch and upping the coconut oil a little -- love the flavor it adds!


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            Search paleo kits on google, use those ingredients, tastes great!
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              Originally posted by EGYnutrition View Post
              Search paleo kits on google, use those ingredients, tastes great!
              Someone mentioned them the other day (sorry -- can't find the post or thread -- was it you?); anyway, whoever it was: thanks for the tip! I have a small box of their small packets on order to check out; figured it was a good way to get some t-mix with grass fed jerky in it until I can get around to making my own (jerky that is...).


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                Probably was me haha... Yeah their products are great, and if you want to treat yourself look up paleo treats... I haven't tried those yet but they're roughly the same idea but desserts and look really good. It'd be good for a social gathering or party, ect..
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                  wow thanks for all the useful information, will digest it all (pun intended) and work something out!

                  thanks a lot everyone!