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  • What do you think of these products?

    At the store I work in, some of my favorite products are from a local company called Hail Merry. From a Primal standpoint, what do you think of their nutrition information?

    They're awesome snacks, truly delicious. I'm thinking (unless you count maple syrup as primal... man, those macaroons are amazing little coconut-oil bombs) that the only/most primal thing would be the Mac Nut dip. Its amazing.

    But I'm curious to get you guys' input!


    edit: Obviously, I'm not talking about the granola.
    Little Saiyan

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    Is the dip in the circle? I can't see a title... if so, looks pretty primal to me. And I love a lot of their philosophy - no heated oils, giving omega 6:3 ratio... OK, it is not favourable, but great they give it.

    To be honest, a little maple syrup sounds like a sensible vice to me - if we're talking very occasionally... after a nice hike or something...

    Thanks for the link!



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      Unless you're on a specific plan to go VLC (and avoid unnecessary sugar) they look great. I love Macaroons, so my problem would be knocking that box out in one shot! haha