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Coconut oil after workout

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  • Coconut oil after workout

    I work out in the morning before going to work and my primary goals are minimizing body fat and maintaining muscle mass (not trying to bulk or anything). I am trying to cut down on my carbohydrate intake and am looking for a little bit of advice regarding coconut oil.

    I am considering working out in a fasted state, then eating coconut oil and chicken breast immediately after the workout. My thoughts are that the coconut oil will provide energy for muscle recovery, initiate the body into fat loss mode, and trigger an insulin response to facilitate protein (from the chicken) uptake.

    Is my reasoning flawed? What other things should I consider here. I am having a hard time with the whole "coconut oil triggers insulin response" thing. If it triggers insulin response then how is fat burning initiated?

    Also, as far as post-workout nutrition, is the idea described above a recipe for disaster? Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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