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  • Coconut... suagr?

    I was at the store today and saw coconut sugar. Confused, I read the container. Aparently it's made from the sap of the tree... and theoretically has a bunch of nutrients...? I don't know how I feel about it, didn't buy it or anything. Has anyone seen / heard about / read about / experienced this stuff?

    edit: And I just noticed I mistyped the title of the thread lol ahhh well
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    I'm a bit of a downer when it comes to fructose. Basically for me, if it contains fructose, you can wash away all of those other benefits. No amount of positives justifies the fructose. I eat fruit but I don't see it as health promoting so even if it has nutrients, I would call it a treat and not a health food.

    Hefty amounts of fructose (more than 15 grams a day perhaps) and low carb diets don't go well together. I think that Grok ate a few berries and some crab apples with lower fructose content. And the sugar in coconut water isn't very much.

    Within your own self-imposed fructose limit, go nuts (or coconuts). I'd probably go for the water or some fruit though. Fructose is fructose is fructose.
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      I figured as much, I knew it would be carb-y and fructose-y and all. Just caught me off guard that they are carrying it


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        I'm no expert, but I spent four years in the Caribbean about 400 yards from the beach. I was there nearly daily. Saw a lot of coco palms, but never any sap. Definitly never knew of anyone collecting the sap for any reason. Could be something that some one came up with though.
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          I actually read somewhere recently that coconut is high in fructose and should be avoided by those with a fructose intolerance. Is this true?


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            The water has some fructose but the meat doesn't. Shredded coconut, coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut oil are all sugar free.
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              Here's some more info on coconut sap:


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                Molasses too have lots of nutrients (potassiun, iron, calcium, magnesium), but it doesn't make it a good sugar. I think it's the same for coconut sugar.

                Actually I believe that too much sugar makes us need more of those nutrients. There is a theory that says that we don't need so much antioxidant in our diet as long as we eat low sugar. It makes sense, then, that most sugary foods found in nature are full of antioxidant. They're probably there to cancel the effects of sugar.

                Something interesting I read is that they found out that aboriginal people didn't get scurvy not because they ate lots of vitamin C, but because they ate low sugar diets and it's proven that sugar is in competition with vitamin C for absorption. No wonder, again, that most sugary foods found in nature are full of vitamin C. Settlers cured scurvy with teas and beers made out of high vitamin C spruce, but they probably could have just lowered their intake of carbs and they would have been fine. (But of course for economical reasons, I don't think it would have happened even if they knew, but that's another story).
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