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I need help changing my diet after a lifestyle change (working at a farm)

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  • I need help changing my diet after a lifestyle change (working at a farm)

    So, I eat paleo, probably around 50g carbs a day (sadly mostly in the form of like, barbeque sauce), mostly eating eggs, bacon, beef, pork, and all kinds of vegetables, sometimes nuts, rarely fruit. A few days ago, I moved to a nearby farm through the WWOOF program... basically it means I'd live here and work on the field from 8am-1pm. Waking up daily at 6:45am is enough for me to adapt to already, but the labor is something! Picking, shoveling... I can go to the gym and lift heavy things like a beast, but moderate activity for 5 hours gives me random bouts of fatigue, depression, negativity... the kind of stuff I would get if I ate badly or something. How can I alter my diet for this? Do I need more carbs? People here eat a lot of fruit, but eating a banana or something is still something that instantly makes me tired. Rhodiola rosea helps for the energy and mood aspect, but I think the MAOI activity that I am sensitive to gives me anxiety, even if I follow the food guidelines.

    Normally I would only eat 1pm-9pm, but I started eating like 3 eggs with some coconut oil at 7:30AM (eating that early is so ridiculous to me, but I feel I need it for the work).

    Also, should I just go to the gym and do my typical stuffs, but maybe 2x a week instead of 3?

    Any input would help, thank you!!! Even a response to one little quip or question of mine. This 2+ month stay is meant to be a life-altering (not changing), meditative experience for me, and I don't want to stress about overworking, food, etc. I already feel mostly better off than I usually would be.

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    That sounds so cool - I worked for a few months with the WWOOFers at a local Donkey Sanctuary, so I know the sort of work can get draining.

    I'm not entirely sure as everyone is different, but eating a big, fat-heavy breakfast makes some people a bit lethargic if after it they go do some menial labour/exercise. Are you actually hungry at 7 30am? If you're not, or if your body is asking for something light, listen to it! When I have physical work like that in the morning, I may have one boiled egg, or just a coffee, beforehand, and AFTERWARDS I'd have my meal.

    If you're eating quality paleo food, you may not even need the 3 eggs and coconut oil so early in the morning.


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      If you think carbs may help, but don't want to go the sugary fruit route, maybe potatoes or other starchy vegetables with dinner?
      I want to WWOOF someday. It sounds like my kind of thing. You should update on how it's going once in a while!
      Making adventure out of this thing called life


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        Alright. I have my own farm, so I can tell you from experience that you do eventually get used to the every day work. Hang in there, it's a transition all to itself. Make sure you stay hydrated. Being dehydrated can make you tired. Carry a bottle of water at all times. Maybe consider a camelbak for convenience. This is really important. You'll drink more than you ever thought with the kind of work you're doing.

        I would follow the advice given and stick with a light breakfast for now and see if it helps. Maybe a potato and some cheese? That used to be my stand by last summer when I was trying to get out the door quickly. Also, carry something with you. I have become incredibly fond of shredded/chipped coconut. I can get it "natural" and un sweetened at my grocery store. Quick snack, fits right in my pocket and keeps my stomach from bothering me. You're only working out there for 5 hours, so, if that means coming back and making a huge meal to replenish, go for it.

        This is my experience. I would advise making changes and see if it works. This is how I made it through my first year as a newbie solo farmer. You can do this.
        The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.