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Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer???

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    When I searched "caveman fuel coffee creamer ingredients" I found threads on Whole9 and a few other places asking about it as well. I just started working at a different office and initially thought this would be good to keep at the office, but as soon as I saw corn syrup solids, I just really had to wonder about it being "paleo". I eat Primal, as I said, but it just was one of those "huh??" moments. I will stick to my pastured heavy cream. I was pleased when I saw the hepatologist for the first time yesterday he was fine with me eating Primal. I think I was preparing to be defensive or offer a compromise if he wasn't okay with it, such as saying well I"ll cut out the heavy cream and use this... luckily, he was open-minded.
    Also, to the person that asked about the ingredients, I did find this: Caveman Fuel (Paleo Coffee Creamer) Calories and Nutrition Facts - DailyBurn Tracker

    I didn't eat corn syrup long before I found Primal, and I'm not about to start. Thanks again!