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VLC Cholesterol Check: What to excpect?

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  • VLC Cholesterol Check: What to excpect?

    I'm a 21 year old college student and getting my cholesterol check tomorrow. My mom is starting to understand some of the basics of Paleo nutrition, but she won't be fully sold until she sees my lipid panel. (Neither will my dad, for that matter) I keep telling them to add more saturated fats and cut out grains etc. but CW is a tough adversary!

    I eat a VLC, high saturated fat diet (avg. 65/30/5) consisting of mostly cruciferous veggies, beef, lamb, fatty fish,bone marrow, liver almost every week, and a couple dozen eggs every week (up to 8/day). (I also supplement with a few g of fish oil). I'm 6ft 155lbs and I'd guess 12% body fat. I walk a lot and do bw exercise. I've never felt better I've been eating LC for about 1yr. Hope this info helps.

    I'm just curious what I should expect for results. High LDL? Low trigs? I'm not as literate with cholesterol as with other aspects of nutrition. I don't really care about the numbers beyond the influence they have on my family's eating habits. Any personal experience would be very much appreciated. thanks for your time