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i got some questions about fasting helpp!!

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  • i got some questions about fasting helpp!!

    okey im supposed to be taking 1800 calories in the day so can the day before my 24 hour fast become 2600 calories instead, im going to stop eating at night today then im going to fast tom then have breakfast the day after

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    If you want to increase your calories, I would save it for the day after your fast(though you may surprise yourself by not wanting extra).


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      I have never eaten extra in advance of a fast. Embrace the fast, don't fight it.


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        ^^ That


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          Yes that. Skipping breakfast work well for many, including me. It feels quite natural really. I eat most days only between noon and 8pm. I do tend to have a large meal of protein late in the day (40-60g of protein) to keep plenty aminos around till I eat next at noon. I also think that big meal of protein (and fat and some starch if I worked out that day) makes it all the easier to skip breakfast.


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            Try read these:
            Then see if you have any questions left to ask.
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