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    Hello all!! I am new to the forum and fairly new to Paleo. I found Paleo after a brief stent with Atkins (which I actually found to be pretty satisfying in terms of a "diet") but I have a ton of digestive issues and am in the process of being tested for food allergies. I will note that I am not overweight, but am looking to still lose a few more pounds to be where I find ideal. For the past 2 months I have omitted all dairy and gluten/grain products from my diet with the exception of a little cheese or yogurt here and there and a poor meal at a family birthday party. I have been seeing significant improvements in the way I feel and cannot read enough info on the amazing science behind this diet. I still have a nasty artificial sweetener addiction that has improved but I have not totally kicked (baby steps) and am hoping my sweet tooth and carb cravings will subside when I finally get that cat in the bag. ** NOW STEPPING OFF OF MY SOAP BOX** And for the problem.. I am terrified of fat. I get it- it's healthy when you eat the right kind. It tastes awesome. It does not make you fat. BUT.... I have lost 15 pounds since I began my eating transition and given the fact that I am eating mostly super lean protein and veggies, I am by nature eating pretty low calorie. And I am TERRIFIED to start incorporating fat into my diet for fear that the weight will just pile back on, plus some. Can anyone share any insight (good, bad, or ugly) or experiences with this? I really want to be able to enjoy beef, bacon, avocados, and such but have basically been eating chicken breast, white fish, shrimp, and turkey with a ton of veggies (and the occasional fruit) and sugar free puddings (the nasty sweetener addiction) for the past 2 months. Thanks in advance for any info you can throw my way. Looking forward to being a part of the community here

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    Eating reasonable portions of healthy fats will not make you fat. Use grassfed butter or olive oil for cooking, put a pat on your veggies. 1 TBSP of butter is ~100 calories. Don't be excessive about it, it is a cooking medium and a flavor enhancer, not something to just eat for the hell of it.

    Continue to avoid unhealthy fats, like canola oil. Do eat fatty steak like grassfed ribeye, eat less fat from factory farmed poultry.


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      Hi BombshellBee! Welcome!

      First - I think we are all deathly affraid of fat when we start this journey. It has been drilled into us that FAT is the enemy to healthy and wellness. You have to do the research - look at the statistics of how our nation has gotten fatter since the government gave us the wonderful food piramid of the 50s. Cut fat - eat whole grains blah blah blah! Now we're a country full of fat, lazy diabetics with high blood pressure and high cholesterol! Our bodies were designed to eat real fat - not the vegetable squeezed junk in most all processed foods.

      Just remember that fat contains twice the calories per gram as carbs and proteins, so you can't eat the same volumn as on a low fat diet. But you also won't need to - cuz fat fills you up faster and longer than carbs and proteins.

      Have you read The Primal Blueprint? If not - I strongly encourage you to do so - cuz it has all the basics to get you going. Good luck on your journey! This is a great forum with lots of help and support.
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        Thanks for the replies Tomi- The book is actually scheduled to be delivered from Barnes and Noble tomorrow I have read other Paleo books and info and I understand that fat doesn't make you fat but my fear comes from knowing I am eating so low cal now and obviously adding in healthy fats is going to GREATLY increase my calorie intake.


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          Welcome! I second the response about fat; we have been successfully programmed that eating fat is BAD. It just isn't! Saturated or unsaturated fats are fine. Trans fats (anything "partially hydrogenated") are not good, and probably too much Omega-6 polyunsaturates isn't great either (most nuts, corn oil, etc.) Saturated and monounsaturated like olive oil are good clean fuel.

          While you are losing weight, you are burning fat so already most of your calories are coming from fat. As you approach your weight goal, just slowly add some good healthy fats as you coast to a soft landing. It's tempting to add more protein but our bodies cannot store protein so it all gets turned into carbs (glucose in particular,) then the excess glucose is stored as fat.

          A calorie is not a calorie necessarily. Fat as someone stated above tends to satisfy sooner if you eat slow enough to allow your body to react and you listen. Eating fat does not lead to the "My God I'm so hungry I could skin and eat my cat" feeling that many of us get when we overdo carbs. I find it difficult to overeat fat, but really easy to overeat carbs. Since going Atkins and then more Primal I almost never go to bed "bloated," a problem I used to have.

          Olive oil, coconut oil, clarified butter if your dairy issues allow, lard (yes believe it or not good lard is a healthy fat), avocados, macademia nuts. I love them all. Egg yolks are a real health food for most of us despite, once again, the weird concept that "egg whites" are the healthy part.

          Good luck!
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            All good responses. Buy that pound of butter. Open it. Put knife in hand. And then cut a pat and use it.
            We've all been pre-conditioned against doing just that. It almost hurts. Close your eyes and do it anyway. It tastes so good.
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              Just remember that fat keeps your eyes bright and your coat shiny.


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                Thanks, guys! I will just have to get over the hump. I am soooooo afraid to undo all of the hard work I have done so I will just ease slowly back into it.


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                  Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                  Just remember that fat keeps your eyes bright and your coat shiny.
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