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Health Bloggers - were they all sick and does this make them biased?

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  • Health Bloggers - were they all sick and does this make them biased?

    Outside most individuals here, who usually come clean eventually about their diseased past, I'm also finding most bloggers whom many people hold in high esteem also seem to have diseased pasts.

    Now depending on what conditions they came from seems to be govern the protocols they recomend, so does this mean that they are all wrong to some degree and maybe the most suitable path to health is to average all their dietary recomendations?

    We know Mark has his past conditions and his approach is moderating gradually from the iron clad high fat and follow the carb curve protocol and other bloggers also seem to be coming back from their extremes.

    They seem to come from an almost Evangelical position at first, to spread the word, then as they experience the world more, just like getting older, there is more moderation in their language, they realise the boundaries of health are not black and white, the world becomes more shades of grey and they seem to be converging to some central intersection point.
    "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"