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    Originally posted by lemontwisst View Post
    I'm about a week into eating much more to try and sort out my metabolism, a la Matt Stone's Diet Recovery or Eat More 2 Weigh Less. It's my feeling that eating too low carb for too long has attributed to these problems...but I'm curious where you are going with this.

    As for the Biotin supplementation, I've been taking 5000mcg/day for 6 or 8 months and while it seemed to help my nails a lot at first, they're back to splitting and peeling and generally lacking strength. It has helped my hair growth, most noticeably body hair - likely because that's the kind I'm not looking to grow longer, faster
    Your responses match mostly with the pattern of an underlying "anemia" - a type of blood lacking or reaching/circulating (low B.P. & low body temp) to nourish not only your nails (pale, brittle), but also your eyes (blurry vision), face (pale) etc.

    This type of "anemia" most likely will not show up on blood tests, it falls more in line with sub-clinical symptoms. If the conventional lab tests do show anemia then the progression of the condition has already grown in severe fashion.

    I would recommend increasing red meat consumption from a safe, quality source. Also eat more liver. I would recommend adding a B-Complex with possible additional B-12 supplement, if already taking these, you may need to adjust the ratios or dosage. I would recommend ingesting more amounts of bone marrow. If you are very brave or crazy enough, try eating some placenta (not joking) for nutrient boost. Up to the individual how far one is willing to go to achieve their health targets.

    If unwilling to try some of the above, some more classical food wise approaches are:

    Improve Circulation

    Daikon radish (personal favorite)
    Red Wine
    Adzuki Beans
    Spices: garlic, onions, scallions, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg

    Improve Blood Lacking

    Dragon's eye fruit (personal favorite): Lychee or Longan
    Swish Chard
    Sweet Potato

    The increase in emotional response is trying to tell you something, that the spirit is off balanced and needs your attention.

    Generally a stressful event or the build up of multiple stressors are usually key triggers to throw the emotions off balance.

    Suggestions: mediation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, laughing

    Sometimes the simple methods are the best healers. We do not always need to be so tech savy or innovative when it comes to personal healing. Eating food can heal, breathing correctly can heal, laughing can heal.