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    Originally posted by ToldUzo View Post
    Maybe they just ate a lot of whole coconuts...
    LOL, oh yeah, I guess that would taste a whole lot better.


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      Try coconut chips toasted in coconut oil. Eat it like you would granola.

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        I measure out a couple of ounces of coconut oil into a 4 oz mason jar and keep it in a warm place, then take it as a liquid off a teaspoon when I want it. I had issues with gagging in the past when trying to eat solid coconut oil, and I have no issues with this. But perhaps the reason I had trouble with it in the past could have been that it might not have been entirely fresh.


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          I can no longer consume coconut oil on its own since it tastes like a bunch of rancid shit. I used to buy Sprouts coconut oil, but even that has deteriorated in quality since it first came out. I think it's a lot better to consume something less processed to blunt hunger....coconut oil = potato flour = whey powder = organic ketchup. Is it extracted from natural food? Yes. Can you use it when in a bind or to aid you in your cooking for processes that would otherwise take you forever to make? Sure. Should it be the center of your meal/snack as a source of real nutrition? Highly doubtful.
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            Okay I figured out a simple mixture --> scramble 3 eggs, 1 tbsp coconut oil, and a pinch of sea salt in a bowl. Fry it up.

            Tastes great, it's just extra rich scrambled eggs, not overly coconuty.


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              I recently started add 2T CO to my coffee in the morning. The energy increase is pretty amazing, though I am a little sceptical if it is placebo effect or real. Either way its a win.
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                My mother does this and SWEARS BY IT !! She says it keeps her super full and gives her lots of energy - the woman hikes 6-7 miles a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY and she's in her 60s!