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100+ pounds overweight and plateauing after only a month

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    I find that i wasn't losing when I was in the mindset of "fat and protein don't count, eat lots of them". Cause there is a fine line between "eat until full" and "the sin of gluttony". Try to eat normal amounts of fat...don't smother the food in butte,r just add a normal pat. Also, try limiting fruit to one serving a day.

    So for instance, sure, I cook my veggies in coconut oil. But I don't make them swim in it. I add a normal pat of butter to my food, not half the stick. I have a little cream with my berries, but not half the container. Make sense? You still have to watch portions and not pig out. The difference is that if you are eating this way you should have that will power now to eat a normal amount and be satisfied.

    Finally, are you using any artificial sweeteners? I gave up diet coke and the weight started falling off. Go figure.


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      I stopped losing because I was still eating too much, even though it was 100% primal. I really listen to my body now and only eat what I need, now I am losing again, I still have over 100 lbs to lose too.


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        I become miserable if I don't eat enough carbs. You may need more carbs. You should be eating enough at meals that you don't need to snack. Also consider that your body is healing other things after your initial loss. It sucks, but you will stall at times because your body puts weight loss on hold to fix problems you can't see. No harm in tracking, be sure you are eating enough overall. I gain weight if I don't eat enough!

        I'm 30, 5'3", 173lbs so I understand your plight!


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          Originally posted by primalrob View Post
          weight loss stalling after starting exercise makes sense, but not if you've plateaued on fat loss too. sounds like you're eating a pretty decent diet. cutting back the carbs, or just the fruit, might help to kick start that loss a little more. also, have you considered tracking your food on something like paleotrack or fitday? you might find that reducing your calories or adjusting your ratios to what works best for you (once you figure that out) is easier at first by keeping all that information somewhere.
          if it's been a month, then just shaking things up a bit will probably do the trick...reduce your calories, change up your macros, eat similarly, but with different foods, try calorie cycling, very low carb with refeeds, etc.

          also, how is your sleep?

          Totally agree!!!

          I've plateaued out too and am finding myself not having to track calories


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            Originally posted by Lunalotus View Post
            Any tips for when I feel hormonal and ravenous?
            You know, it's OK to be hungry sometimes, even for some period of time every day. After 20+ years of being overweight/obese, I was way too timid about hunger. Changing my attitude and learning to wait a couple of hours for my next meal now and then was extremely liberating for me.

            What percentage of the human population is never hungry, even in modern times? Pretty darn small. It's part of the human condition. The fact that most of us are swimming in food is not primal, probably not even natural.
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              Yeah, learning what actual hunger was (as opposed to blood sugar hunger) was a real eye-opener for me.

              I start with a decent breakfast (today was a tomato, capsicum, chicken liver and 3 eggs plus some left over chips cooked in some ghee) but then can easily skip lunch and somewhere around 3pm I usually get a nagging empty feeling in my stomach, but it's not a massive FEED ME NOW hunger. I can easily work through it without snacking and have dinner at my usual time around 6pm.
              Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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