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  • Primal in the military

    Hi there,

    I'm in the army (UK) and have great access to our cook house for food at low cost. However I have no idea where the meats are sourced and what is in the food day to day. I could ask the chefs for nutritional breakdowns and ingredient lists but they put on a lot of choice!

    I like to use it as it is much cheaper than the supermarket, so I was just wondering if anyone else on this forum had experience with this and how they monitor what they're eating?

    I generally get by with a salad and some for of meat at lunch, maybe a jacket potato. But dinner is a mixed bad it could be anything!

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    As long as you stay away from the deep-fried foods, bread and pasta, you are good to go. If the meat is recognizable as meat, it's best, ground-up mystery meats are worst. Buy a case of tinned mackerel or kippers for times when they have fish-n-chips or meat pies. Being able to recognize what you are eating is half the battle! Things like potato crisps, meat pies, vindaloo, while good, can have things in them that will set you back in a hurry.


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      There are several military members on this forum. A few have explained how they do it. I wish I could help, my grandson is in the U.S. Army, a sniper. He loves it. But he has pumped up to very large dimensions, all muscle I suppose. It worries me a little.
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