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    i live in egypt and recently i went all-out crucifing fitness and workouts for 2 monthes, i lost a good 10 kilos or 22 pounds i had 5 kilos to my goal weight, im a pole vaulter so weight was a very important thing. wat i mean by crucifing is 2 to 3 hours a day of intense interval training yes i was that obsessed . after i stopped this routine because i had upcoming tournements , i gained 2 kilos which was extremely depressing because i gained them in 1 week and i didnt eat any crap or at least thats what i thought . i came upon the primal blueprint and i was hooked right away, after only 4 days i feel excelent , i havent yet weighed myself but planning on weighing myself soon. but regardless of weight i feel more awake and energetic, compared to sluggish and tired all the time. i havent yet bought the book because i live in egypt and getting it from amazon would be very costy but i am eating from the suggested list on the website and eating below 50g carbs. the problem is here in egypt there is no grass fed beef or pastured eggs and the organic veggies are extremly expensive, same as all nuts. no places to hike except in sinia which is 4hours drive from city. i do walk an hour a day, gone somewhat barefoot, planning on buying vibrams to wear at school and outdoors, i regurally lift weights in my pole vault trainings same as for the sprints. so my problem is i cant play that much nor eat so natural , any suggestions on how i could fix this and how i could buy the book and substiute hiking and playing? thanx in advance please if u read reply because i need answers im so frustrated
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    Welcome to our community, Egyption Grok. We hope it works well for you. I wouldn't worry about your meat sources. Your grains are much more natural than ours, and your animals are not nearly as sick with all the chemicals we use on them. Lamb and chevon (young goat) are great meats, at least as healthy as beef. Americans have always been big beef eaters, we just don't have the sheep and goat herds available. Overal, your food sources are probably much healthier than ours.

    I've visited Cairo and can sure see how outdoor natural exercise would be a problem. Much of what is in Mark's book is also on his site; there's a great lot of information there.

    Welcome again.
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      thanx alot, im not so sure about our meats being healthier than yours but ill take your word for it, i do agree the websites contains tons of info and the community is great so thanx again , GROK ON !!!