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  • Carbohydrate Query from a newb...

    Hi all... I'm working hard at trying to maintain that low carb "sweet spot," and am finding it darned tough...
    I wonder if I'm missing a point or two - 'cause when I load up on veggies or fruits I always seem to come out WAY over 100g carbs daily, despite totally avoiding grains and potatoes / pasta etc.

    For example this morning I had a smoothie consisting of a small pear, a passionfruit, couple tsp ground flaxseed, an eggwhite, 200ml skimmed milk and 200ml Laban (fermented milk)... washed down with a yakkult light for probiotic value.
    Total carbo load 70g...
    My usual smoothies don't have the skim milk and are water based, today I left out the egg yolk to compensate for the dairy load.

    Now I'm concerned that if I eat pretty much any fruit or veg over the rest of the day that's going to get me out of the sweet spot for weight loss, and that's my goal at the moment - trying to lean down for a sprint triathlon target race next month.

    Even if I reduce or eliminate fruit I'm intrigued to hear how you all keep carbs to 80g or less whilst fuelling adequately using veggies for nutrition, alongside lean meats and fats. My daily plate readings consistently hit too high on the carbs and I'm really struggling with this one - any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    no fruits
    fullfat everything no skimmed anything
    no nuts
    limited veggies
    everything that lived or breathed and is defenceless dead
    challenge yourself
    i blog here


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      I have three thoughts ...

      What are your results like? Perhaps struggling to get the numbers right on paper isn't nearly as pertinent as you'd think.

      Your body will learn to use fats and body fat for fuel. You don't need quick carbs to rotate energy off the top. You'll have a constant supply built in. Run that thought through the search here, you'll find lots of supporting information.

      And empirical evidence??? Fresh fruit is very expensive here. Most of our lives, we just couldn't afford as much as CW would have you believe a growing family needs. Me, my husband and our three grown children are very disease free and we never ate much fresh fruit.


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        Loading up on fruits, yes, I can see how you could easily hit 100g of carbs. But veg - leafy green veg especially? No, I don't think so! Try eliminating starchy vegetables (and tubers if you currently eat them) and focus on things that are green. Not red or brown or white.

        As for adequate fuelling, I do fine on sub-10g carbs per day. Sometimes I hit 15g. If I need a hit of energy? A tablespoon of coconut oil! I'm bouncing off the walls afterwards. I don't eat much veg and basically no fruit and I'm fine. Feel great in fact.


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          Pear + passionfruit + skimmed milk = carbs carbs carbs. That's probably where it's all coming from. Leaving out the egg yolk? Big mistake. That's a source of nutritious fats.

          Ditch the smoothies. Ditch the dairy. Stop eating any fruits that aren't berries, because they're too high in sugar. And even then, have maybe five small strawberries, or fifteen blueberries, or ten raspberries, and maybe once or twice a week tops.
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            Base your diet on protein and fat and then make up the rest carbs.

            Set a goal of 50 carbs/day and track it on fitday; enter your food before you eat. I'd also recommend creating your own foods by entering the data yourself from labels, etc. Don't rely on a website to tell you macro-nutrient %ages and calories -- they are often inaccurate.

            By letting protein and fat establish your base, you'll be fuller, longer and satiated much more. Reserve your carbs for after your workouts. Stick to whole foods.


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              Depending on your current health and goals, it may or may not be important for you to drop down to extremes on eliminating fruit and veggies.


              If you want to keep carbs below 100g/day (which is a good idea for almost everyone), you'll need to cut back on the fruit. Berries, as others have said, are a better carb-for-nutrients bargain than other fruits. 1 serving of berries a day is plenty of fruit for most people; some can add in a second fruit serving sometimes and do fine. Again, it depends on the individual.

              As for veggies -- I eat 8 or more servings of a wide variety of veggies (spinach, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, summer squash...) every day and rarely go over 85g -- and that's including some berries and sometimes even a starchy veg like winter squash or sweet potato.

              Dairy, particularly low-fat dairy, will add a lot of carbs. It also has an insulinogenic effect disporportionate to its carb load, which makes is a particularly bad choice for someone trying to lose bodyfat.

              It's all a matter of tracking to learn from where the big carb loads come, and shifting your thinking. It gets easier. In fact, I'm actively working to increase my carb intake right now...and it's hard to figure out how!
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                low-fat milk has more carbs per serving as the same amount of whole milk, cream has almost no carbs at all.


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                  I'd also recommend not throwing out the egg yolk. We like the whole eggs around here and given choice between throwing out the egg white and the egg yolk, the white has gotta go.