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New thread re ALMOND MILK but, this one is slightly different

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  • New thread re ALMOND MILK but, this one is slightly different

    While I acknowledge there's a possibility that we don't actually need nearly as much calcium as recommended, I don't want to take the risk, and especially think kids/teenagers need some calcium.
    In lieu of doing real dairy (too much mucous response) what are the cons of almond milk and is it "that" bad?

    Silk brand, has some sunflower lecithin/locust bean gum/natural flavors, are those bad?

    Is 06 something to really worry about, as it's only 35 calories/cup and 2.5g fat/cup, and only twice a day?

    The point isn't too be drinking almonds, so making my own isn't an option, it's just to get the calcium that they add to it, easily without having to take pills.

    Thank you
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    Some good sources of calcium:

    Dried herbs
    Cheese: Parmesan, Romano, Gruyere, mozzarella, Swiss, Cheddar, hard goat cheese, and provolone.
    Yogurt and milk
    Brazil nuts

    Also, here are two links that discuss getting calcium and other nutrients from bone broth:

    Cooking with Bones | Mark's Daily Apple
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