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Almond Milk vs Coconut Milk

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  • Almond Milk vs Coconut Milk

    Is there a PB preference between almond milk and coconut milk? I was going through Mark's recipes and noticed on the Beef Stroganoff one he called for coconut milk although he said some may not care for the flavor in the recipe. I went through all the comments and people suggested creams but no suggestions of almond milk. Wouldn't unsweetened almond milk be a good substitution? Is it not preferred for primal diets?

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    Coconut milk and almond milk are two completely different animals.

    Firstly, the coconut milk that Mark (and most others in the Primal world) uses is the stuff in a can. Do not be fooled by the garbage that "SO Delicious!" and "Pure Almond" have in the grocery stores - it's full of crap. Same goes for store-bought almond milk, rice milk, etc., unfortunately.

    Read the label of your unsweetened almond milk: basically if it contains more than water and almonds (or whatever the prefix for the "milk" is), it's not ideal. Sometimes I'm okay with guar gum, but that's a personal thing; but many folks swear off guar gum, too. In addition to the guar gum, odds are the Almond Breeze or other brands in the store have a few preservatives, artificial and/or natural flavors, and other junk in it. (You can always make your own! Just google "almond milk recipe".)

    Almond milk is also much, much thinner than canned coconut milk because there is much less fat in it. Coconut milk is very thick and creamy... and amazing!

    I personally hate raw coconut and coconut water, but I love coconut milk, toasted coconut, and dehydrated/dried coconut. Buy a can of coconut milk, shake it up, and take a taste of it. See what you think. When I cook with coconut milk, I don't taste ANY coconut flavor in it. To me, it just tastes like heavy cream.
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      To make a nice, rich almond milk, soak overnight 2 ounces of almonds per cup of milk desired. Put through the blender until perfectly smooth. Strain through a piece of muslin or put through a juicer to remove pulp. Add a dash of salt.

      I don't do it very often, but that's how I do it when I do. Store-bought almond milk sucks.


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        Surely almond milk is not ideal because it is full of Omega 6?


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          There are few perfect foods.


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            Yeh the highest concentration of actual almonds I've seen in store-bought almond milk is 5%, Usually around the 3% mark,