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Factor7def.Rare Blood Disorder PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Factor7def.Rare Blood Disorder PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, im posting this up for a friend of mine whos in big trouble. Shes 19 yrs old and has a rare blood disorder known as factor 7 deficiency. Basically when she bleeds it takes forever to stop, she bruises phenomenally in any situation , its pretty bad. The problem now is that she has 5 wisdom teeth that need to come out, her dentist said it will kill her if she doesnt take them out, and her doctor cant give her any medication because that will most probably kill her as well. They sent her blood to somewhere in france, but shes been waiting 10 months for an answer, shes utterly lost. If anyone has any experience with this or maybe an idea of where i can look to get help itd be appreciated! P.S. She is not paleo or primal.

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    I had the same symptons but I don't know if it was the same cause. I was just called a 'bleeder'. I'd tell the person who took a blood test and they'd tripple the cotton and wrap the bandage tight enough to cut off circulation. If they didn't I'd leave a trail of blood behind me for hours. Even when they did I'd have to hold my arm over my head for an hour. My lower are would 'go to sleep' of course.

    We have 2 beagles that love to jump on me for petting and hugging. But they have big strong claws for digging. So my arms were a mass of indigo bruises that never went away. I always wore long-sleeved tops to hide them. It looked really bad.

    I'm not a bleeder anymore. It disappeared after about 3 months on PB, and my arms are all cleared up. No more blue bruises anywhere.

    I'm sorry, but this isn't going to help your friend. IMO she should have those teeth removed by an oral surgeon in a hospital surgery.
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      Yeah its a tricky thing, its interesting that yours stopped after 3 months on PB though. Ive noticed that many supposed "genetic" diseases are really just extreme predispositions that can be bypassed if you take care of yourself really well. At the least i can give her some hope that possibly she can at least reduce her symptoms later on! thanks!