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I just realised I haven't eaten in 18 hours

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  • I just realised I haven't eaten in 18 hours

    I had a small cup of coffee this morning but skipped breakfast since I'm rarely hungry in the morning. I started work and just powered through since I wanted to get it done. Funny thing...I just now realized I haven't eaten anything since last evening. I feel solid too. How about that?

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    BUENO! That's how I live everyday and it's liberating not to mention really efficient for fat loss.


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      Few years ago went through a phase of 6 meals a day, ugh. What a hassle. When starting PB it was amazing to me that I could avoid eating for nearly a day and not feel bad, or even think about food until it was time to eat. Very liberating to be in control of the food rather than the other way around. Not to mention how much more satisfying it is to chow down after the IF, without desperate hunger just extremely pleasant.
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        I am coming up on 24 hours of my 36 hour weekly fast. No big deal at all - I am still alive. I have REAL issues with the whole "2500+ cal daily" crap that I am supposed to have for my size. The body isn't that delicate and can do absolutely fine during periods of not getting the "recommend daily calories" we are going to melt away, explode or something. Please.
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          I still can't IF (this is week 8). I tried once and it threw everything off, I got light headed and dizzy and ended up eating something at 4:00pm instead of my regular 12:00. My carb intake has been super low in the last month, probably around 10 - 15g a day.


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            Yeah forgetting to eat used to be a source of paranoia, now I can relax. Sometimes I'm just not hungry.

            Sometimes I am, and I know that I can be hungry without causing myself damage.

            It's nice.


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              Originally posted by barryman9000 View Post
              I still can't IF (this is week 8). I tried once and it threw everything off, I got light headed and dizzy
              Barryman- what do some of your meals look like? Are you eating enough when you are hungry? I wouldn't force an IF, if its making you dizzy. Maybe you should try a different approach. There is no ONE right way to IF
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                One way to ease into IFing is to gradually increase the time between meals. If you typically go 3 hours, see if you can go 4. If you can go 4 see if you can go 5. Each time just space it out a little more and a little more.

                I agree with Dave, don't force it. Just sort of feel it out.


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                  Welcome to the PB.
                  Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                    Happens to me all the time with classes and work and everything.


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                      I actually eat a lot - even when not hungry - because I'm trying to put on some muscle. I've lost a ton of fat so far, so IF-ing isn't that important to me now, however I see it as something I'd like to take advantage of.

                      I'll try to increase the time in between meals gradually and see what that does. Thanks everybody.