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Bowel Strangulation: looking for nutrition advice!

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  • Bowel Strangulation: looking for nutrition advice!

    I had an emergeny operation last week as my bowels were strangulated and dead. Those parts have been removed and I am recovering in hospital with a week or 2 to go. I am looking for nutrition advice on what to consume when I get out: how do I make the most nutritious bone broth? Carbs or not? I can only eat small amounts for the next 3 months or so and I want it to count! Honestly, any advice, links etc are appreciated. Thanks fam!

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    How were you eating before? Any reason this happened?


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      You should follow your doctors orders for diet and activity.
      Some of you may die, but that is a risk I'm willing to take.


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        Originally posted by Black Timber View Post
        You should follow your doctors orders for diet and activity.
        THIS!! If your doctor doesn't specifically say, you should ask. Regardless of what way of eating you choose to do, for recovery you should definitely follow your doctor's instructions.

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          Primal is excellent for this cause you would have to remove grains, dairy, and legumes anyhow. In addition though your gonna want to go low to no fiber for a period of time to heal. So cooked fruit and no veggies. Lots of bone broth and egg yolks and cooked (baked or boiled) meat since they are easily absorbed and your going to need the electrolytes.

          You know what... just follow stage one of the SCD/GAPS diet intro-stage 1 while healing. Here is a link:

          The Stages of SCD

          Of course here is my disclaimer: I do not know why your bowel was strangulated nor any of the specifics about your surgery or co-morbidities. This is very general "forum" advice.
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            Thank you much for responding. I actually haven't found out WHY my bowels were strangulated yet. It was a complete a total shock.My husband and I were on a short vacation in Seoul, eating healthy and exercising heaps. On Saturday night my tummy felt a little groggy, just gassy. At 4:00 in the morning I woke with blinding excruciating pain as if giving birth to a watermelon and was rushed to hospital, scans taken rtc, they found the strangulation to be so severe that emergency surgery was the only option. It has been a difficult adjustment to say the least. As I am in a foreign country (Korea) it has been even more difficult to communicate language wise and culture wise ( they have a kind of guardian system in the non-ICU wards that means friends or family do things for the patient..I of course have no guardian so this was nearly impossible) anyway. My ultimate point being that my doctor said "you can eat what you want but very small amounts" however he is thinking of (quite healthy) Korean diets. My first meal today will be broth soup but tomorrow I will eat 죽 which is like rice porridge particularly for sick people. So when I get out of hospital I really want to support my bowels on a more Paleo rather than Korean style diet. Yogurt making will not be a possibility for me here if I follow the SCD protocol. Will taking probiotics be a benefit I wonder? I am on like 5 different antibiotics, no kidding. Thanks again everyone and sorry for any typos I'm doing this on my phone.


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              Koreans love meat and vegetables. Are you sure he didn't mean that?


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                What areas got taken out, do you know?

                That is really scary, hope you feel better!


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                  Wow. Seconding the people suggesting both listening to your doctor and reducing your fibre intake.

                  You might need to take Butyrate supplements, which you will need (if your intestines won't produce it anymore).
                  Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                    Something I would be thinking about is avoiding the main allergens when you go on primal.
                    So no
                    Tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts)
                    Fish (such as bass, cod, flounder)
                    Shellfish (such as crab, lobster, shrimp)

                    and following a primal diet.

                    And yes take probiotics...I am about to try Marks Sissons ones and there is another company called Lifestream (dont know if youc an get their products in Korea or if you might need to order on the internet). They make a wonderful probiotic and also a probiotic fibre mix called bowel biotics. I would consult your doctor as to whether you should take it first!!!!!! But I have found it wonderfully soothing to my insides and I have food intolerance which basically gives me IBS symptoms. My food intolerance isnt unexplained I know I have an issue with salycilates....and I wonder if this might have been the underlying cause of your problems.

                    You ahve to take antibiotics of course but they will play havock with all the god bacteria on your insides so you should take them most definitely.

                    I would also google bowel strangulation.....and see what the internet has to say about it.

                    Also have a look at Marks vitamins he has a lower potency vitamin that I am going to try called Advanced Health Formula. I am a bit scared of Damage Cntrol Master Formula. The Advanced Heath Formula looks really good for someone like me whose insides have a say about everything. I am also going to try the shake as well because it doesnt have all the crap in it the other ones on the market have.

                    Take care and I really feel for you....what a terrible thing to have happen !!



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                      You should follow your doctors orders for diet and activity.


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                        Ekatherine- I apologize my comments weren't very clear. He is discussing the 'traditional' Korean diet specifically for the sick which is basically just 죽 and 밥양식 or various rice gruels. Which is what I must consume while in hospital, however I can barely get it down and I don't feel like its terribly nutritious. Unlike my intravenous food this is food I can choose not to consume but I am struggling with what is the right decision. Zach- it was mostly small intestine as the strangulation occurred around the meeting point of both intestines but on the small intestine side. My doctor said they took 60 cm, but he may have meant 16? I will clear these facts up as soon as I've got the hang of walking again: one step at a time aye!


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                          I would think bone broth would be excellent. Also, anything that is cultured. Kimchi, perhaps? Don't Koreans eat a lot of cultured veg? Would juicing vegetables be possible? That would give you a lot of nutrients without having to digest so much. I would also suggest cutting up your food a lot like chopped salads. I do mine in the food processor with a few pulses, so much easier to digest. Soups with vegetables cooked to where they are soft and more digestible. I'm wondering if you could get a long distance consult with someone like Chris Kresser. He's seems to know a lot about digestion and many physical issues and could probably give you a very detailed protocol which would much surpass what most of us could offer. Good luck to you. Sounds like you've been through a lot.
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                            Thank you for the responses everyone!


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                              Just a quick update: I arrived back in my city late Sunday night. It was much more difficult to adjust to regular life again (and a full teaching schedule starting promptly Monday morning!) than I could have imagined, but someone told me once that "baby steps get you places!" I am following an SCD type diet. We would have been more prepared had we known we had to pay all 3,600.00 USD at once...BEFORE I could be discharged. So needless to say as poor teachers we were left with nought to buy groceries with! Luckily I had ordered some almond butter from Iherb and my husband had made a large vat of chicken soup so we were stretching that out with a bit of rice until we got paid. Chicken soup and beef bones and broiled meat and pumpkin at the ready for the upcoming week. Oh, one thing to mention if this ever happens to anyone else: My skin was incredibly dry and lax (and I lost a lot of weight!!) during this period. Coming back home and making my own food was my number one priority as it should be yours! Healthy fats are key: without chicken skin and coconut oil my dizziness and tiredness was unbearable for those first two days. I was avoiding too much fat so as not to upset my bowels, but it has been nothing but helpful for me! I am also taking probiotics and enymzes with minerals in my water which has helped a lot too. Best wishes everyone.