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    Hi All,

    Some of the info in this post may be reduntant, but having seen how supportive and intelligent the members of this forum are, I've decided to go ahead and post it anyway:

    I discovered primal diet about 9 weeks ago and decided to follow it and it had a tremendous effects on my body, I lost close to 5 lbs in a short span of time. I've always been a proponent of exercising and eating healthy (well, healthy according to CW) but I saw the real changes only in that short span of going Primal. Then I had to go India for vacation for a month and had to resort to a carb-intensive diet and observed the effects right away (PMS, mood swings etc). I have no doubt about the effectiveness of PB and want to stick to a truly PB lifestyle (I cheat here and there but will get there eventually). When I initially tried this diet, my motivation was weight-loss, as I wanted my obese mum (most of her weight is on her belly) to try it out if it worked for me. But on seeing the benefits of this diet, I want to do it for health.

    Now coming to the hurdles:

    My mum was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 5 years ago and was prescriped statins which she's been taking since then. She also has calcium deposits in her arteries. Of course, that was followed with the usual CW dietary advice of low-fats, chicken-breast, egg-whites, carbs (white rice in her case) and such. She doesn't know any better and is trying to only follow her cardiologist's advice. When I went to India, I tried to convince her to eat primal. Although she is receptive to the idea, whatever I told her is completely contradictory to what the doctors have told her. It's hard to reconcile the 2 sides. My father, on the other hand, says he doesn't want to take any chances with her health by having her adopt to a new diet.

    My husband and brother-in-law are physicians (intensivist and cardiologist respectively) and she decided to run my diet recommendation by my husband. He, who is trained in CW, propounded on "Everything in moderation" and "high dietary cholesterol is bad if you already have cholesterol issues" theories. I also sent "Good Carbs, Bad Carbs", Fat Head and Primal Body-Primal Mind to my sister in the hope that she and her husband would read them and that my cardiologist b-i-l can advise my mum on the diet. Instead my sister thought I was evangelizing and compared what I did to that of people distributing religious texts forcefully. I want my mother, more than anyone, to adopt this diet (I've had no luck with my husband). I've been trying to make sure she takes baby-steps even if she can't go completely primal. For instance, she's started cooking with coconut and sesame oil. When I posed a similar dilemma before, some posters said, people will start taking PB seriously once they see the positive changes in me, but I don't want my mum to wait that long.

    My questions:

    1. What are some ways in which she can go primal that are not contradictory to CW? I've asked her to cut down rice consumption and eat wheat instead. I know both are equally bad, but she would be replacing polished white rice with whole wheat, so hopefully she'll have some weight-loss.

    2. I've seen many Primal Diaries in the forum. I haven't had a chance to go through them in detail. But is their purpose to give other PBers a peek into the diet and offer them a chance to give suggestions? I would like to start one too but am not sure what the requirements are.

    3. I'm sure this has been answered before, but without the search option in the forum, I haven't been able to locate the thread that answers this. So, why exactly is Dairy bad? Would ghee be bad too then?

    4. Are there any PBers out there who are either planning to start a family or are in the family way? My husband and I are planning to start a family soon and I would appreciate any relevant Primal advice.

    I have lotsof other questions too, but this should do for now.

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    The one primal recommendation that fits with nearly diet out there, CW-centric or rebellious: EAT LOTS OF VEGETABLES. They are more nutritious than grains in terms of vitamin content, they are less calorific, and basically everybody agrees they will help you lose weight and be healthier. Anything beneficial grains have- like fiber- they have too, only better. It's easy to make a strong case for shifting the base/filler in meals from grains to veggies from almost any position. This alone will do almost anyone a world of good and I believe to be the reason a lot of non-primal diets still "work".

    Lastly, you can't *make* someone change, either their lifestyles or their opinion- and the harder you push, the more they'll dig in. Be patient and let your results speak for themselves; it may be hard to watch a loved one earnestly doing something destructive believing it will help them, but the process of mind-changing is a delicate one.

    Edited to add: a lot of people don't like vegetables because they don't know how to cook them. Make a gift of Jack Bishop's "Vegetables Every Day"- wonderful cookbook.


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      Maba I think a lot of us can empathise with you, I do think time and patience is the go.

      I lent a friend of mine some books to read and she said she didn’t agree with the primal lifestyle and there is no way she could give up bread and pasta, etc, so now I am of the view that it is her loss not mine, and she can just keep on getting sicker, fatter and more stressed, I know that sounds harsh but sometimes I think people need to see the error in their ways before making the change.

      Maybe you could get your mum to change her meat, vegetable, fat vs rice ratio, like half the rice and add more meat, vegetables and fat so she is still getting her “carbs” but not in the amounts she was eating, I have been doing that with my dearly beloved, he still likes to occasionally eat rice and pasta so I cook smaller amounts and add more meat and veggies and he hasn’t even noticed.

      With regards to starting a family the Weston Price Foundation has some great articles on diet with regards to conceiving and also raising children:


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        Looks like you're getting some good advice here. I just wanted to add that you can Search in the forum. If you are on the Homepage and do the Search, it gives you Mark's daily posts. If you are on the Forum page and do the Search, it gives you forum posts--same spot in the upper right-hand corner. (That's been my experience.)

        Good luck with your family!


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          You cannot win this as a battle, you have probably the most uphill struggle I've read of on these pages. Not just convincing your mum, but those relatives!

          When they see changes in you, they might be more open to the PB life. Not just weight, but for me I found I have almost unlimited energy all day instead of peaks and crashes, I need less sleep, I'm sure my mind is sharper, etc. Don't be bashful, "I've realized that I don't need as much sleep since I've changed my evil ways."

          Patience. It took 50 years to build the CW lipid theory, grains be good mindset.

          Oh yeah, Good Calories, Bad Calories is a hell of a slog, I here. Search Google video for Gary Taubes. A seventy minute lecture version of the book.


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            Look into Vitamin K2 for the calcification of arteries problem.


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              Thank you all for your support and kind words. Patience is the key.

              Maj79, I was reading up on K2 and one article said you must not take K2 supplements if you're taking a blood thinner. My mum takes aspirin. But eating lots of greens instead should be ok right?


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                Ok, so I was talking to my sister today. I had sent her GCBC, Primal mind-Primal Body and Fat head 2 months ago that she hasn't touched to date and has gently shrugged off my talk about paleo-style eating. Then she tells me when her husband (my b-i-l) was talking to the president of the hospital he works for, heard him mention something about Neanderthal diet. He apparently got so excited and said, "That's what my sister-in-law has been talking about!" and he's started to read one of the books I sent. All of you, please join me in saying, "YAY!"


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                  maba: YAY!

                  It took my husband a couple months to warm up to the idea of PB, but now he's as avidly low-carb as I am. (I read Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" in quick succession and started working on him even before I discovered PB.) His issue was and is that he had gastric bypass surgery when he was 17 (he's 26 now) and veggies do nothing but cause him pain when he eats them. Still, he's eating mostly protein and fat now, and trying to avoid carbs. He was so angry when he found out that his favorite chicken sausages (Far West Foods - I urge you to STAY AWAY from this brand!) have CORN SYRUP in them!

                  Glad to hear your BIL is finally getting on the PB wagon. Hopefully your sister and mom will be next.

                  Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

                  Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

                  Ditch the scale!:

                  My Success Story:


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                    These people with M.D. behind their names seem to have the only 'pull' behind others' beliefs in nutrition/ health, which (IMHO) is pretty silly, considering that: A. They only provide a 1 day lecture/ class solely on nutrition in medical school!!!!!! (I had an MD who turned ND tell me this directly).

                    B. Why else do you think that they are technically called 'Practitioners'? Remember when old-day "Doctors" did 'blood-letting' to cure disease??? Also, you know why they found lead poisoning in the remains of a famous 'gone-completely-crazy' artist? His doctor was administering daily lead supplement/ treatments to this poor fellow and he died of a very slow, painful, maddening death! So WHY, WHY, WHY do we treat these modern day MD's like gods? I know they mean well and know a lot more than I do about the human body, but come on! We as a human race have not 'arrived' nor have we become 'all-knowing'. It drives me insane!

                    Ok, rant over! ;-)

                    Keep fighting the good fight Maba! (It's tough, I know!!!!!)