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Coconut Milk Liquid In Refridgerator?

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  • Coconut Milk Liquid In Refridgerator?


    I just started drinking coconut milk about a week ago. I noticed that it stays liquid in the fridge.
    My coconut oil stays solid at room temperature, and it turns into a rock in the fridge.

    Why is this? Why doesn't the milk turn solid in the fridge as well?

    PS: The coconut milk I buy is extremely high in fat and very low in sugar and protein. I figured that atleast the fat would turn hard in the fridge, but I don't notice it at all. Thai kitchen coconut milk.


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    I find it stays pseudo liquid. Water on the bottom and cream on top after its been in the fridge. The cream makes great protein shakes after a workout.

    Also, if you all haven't made ice cream with it before, it's amazing and easy. 2 cans coco milk, vanilla bean (or extract), and some egg yolks or whole eggs (your preference). When you're eating it, put some raspberries or blackberries on top and its heaven.