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Class project: How my diet compares to CW nutrition - how do I explain?

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  • Class project: How my diet compares to CW nutrition - how do I explain?

    I have a small class project to do that involves a two day diet log and nutritional analysis. I'm required to use to log my food and nutrient intake and then analyze it according to their guidelines and see how my diet measures up. Well...small little problem, it doesn't! I have to explain to my class how my diet is deficient or un-balanced compared to CW and what I am going to do to fix it. What I really want to do is get the point across that I follow a primal diet and that it isn't deficient or unbalanced. BUT I'm not sure how to explain that high fat low carb is actually beneficial without it taking all day. Any suggesstions on a brief 1-2 liner that could explain this to a class of medical students and a CW instructor??

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    Before we can speak meaningfully about deficiency and imbalance, we have to first define sufficiency and balance and we need to base our definitions some sort of objective standard of evaluation, preferably one that appeals to the effects of the diet on the general well-being, pathology (or lackthereof in the paleo case), and overall health of the organism.

    There is no such thing as a grain or dairy deficiency, only a nutrient deficiency. Likewise, carbohydrates take blood glucose out of homeostasis in a far more profound way than running on mostly fat ever could. And a balanced omega ratio is by definition a balanced eicosanoic state. I'm also pretty sure that auto-immune and toxic (lectins, fructose) damage are not a "balanced" thing.

    Your class are douchebags and food pyramids are nutritional advice from farmers and lobbyists.
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      Yeah... You might want to leave out that they are "douchebags"...

      But you might bring up that there is no nutritional value in grain... and that it's promoted as a source of fiber... in which you can show that you get adequate amounts through Fruits and Veges, that offer actual nutrition. Also, that there is more and more evidence that the general population is allergic to most grains... and is the source for problems with celiac disease, and PERHAPS even the mass amount of autism that is on the rise.

      Tell them that many are allergic to dairy, and have sever intolerance... and you see no reason to have it in your diet, as the push is generally for calcium and you get that in XYZ foods...

      And you can basically wrap it up with... that your diet is deficient based on the CW food pyramid... and it so by choice, because you are learning that your body feels and functions better on whole foods that are not contaminated with pesticides (cancer causing)... or hormones (your body is supposed to supply you with your hormone needs, not your food.) And you certainly don't need to eat foods that have to be highly processed in order to make them palatable, or even digestible.

      Good luck!


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        Not only are there many people who have an intolerance for dairy, but there is a lot of dairy in vegetables such as dark leafy greens. The reason we "must have" dairy and grains in our diet is to satisfy businesses who support the FDA. (In the end it is about money and not about the overall well being of a person.) With that being said just remember in your diet you are still getting the required amount of Calcium, just not with Dairy. It is also important to note that a person does not want to get to much calcium in there diet (I don't suggest a calcium supplement to someone who is eating a lot of leafy vegetables and consuming dairy) as this can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), calcifying of soft tissue and muscles (heart problems as the heart is a muscle) and increase risks for kidney stones.


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          Just make it up (lie that your diet is CW healthy) and get the grade. Who cares what they think. You are the one who will be eating butter in a bikini while everyone is jealous.

          I am in a nutrition class too (I just took it becasue it's easy credits; I know all the CW junk and never have to study). I say contradictory things occasionally but my teacher gets a little irked and so I usually just shut my mouth and send the teacher studies via email to open her up to ideas... I don't think it's working, though.


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            LOL! I have to agree with Zoe too... I used to do that in a few classes.. where your opinion was graded, and the only way you were getting an A was to have the opinion of the professor... The A was WAY more important than letting her know how I really feel...

            Oh... those were the days... sadly manipulation will come in handy with just about any job... so you're not losing out! OMG... did I write that out loud!


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              Originally posted by ZoŽ View Post
              eating butter in a bikini
              I think if I ever were to start a paleo/primal blog, this would be the title. Magnificent.
              "To shed all the illusory rights & hesitations of history demands the economy of some legendary Stone Age--shamans not priests, bards not lords, hunters not police, gatherers of paleolithic laziness, gentle as blood, going naked for a sign or painted as birds, poised on the wave of explicit presence, the clockless nowever." --Hakim Bey, TAZ


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                I'm with everybody saying just fake it to get the grade! Seriously it's not worth the grade to make an issue in one class that's not going to change anyone's mind and will likely make you look stubborn and/or foolish. But that's just my opinion. Of course there's always the chance that some people will be receptive, or that your prof is incredibly open-minded and will appreciate the differing point of view. It's a judgment call - how do YOU think it'd go if you decided to educate everyone on the truth, vs. just telling them what they want to hear?


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                  I have to say that I'm with Zoe. I learned years ago that most of your grade is measured by what the instructor expects, not your ingenuity nor your intelligence. It's a shame, but it's true. Give them what they want and be done with it. Make some kind of CW deficiency in your food log, and explain how you'll fix it, and you're good to go.


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                    Cripes, That site is an instruction manual for aspiring diabetics.

                    CrashDummy, it sounds like instead of a nutrition course, you signed up for a study of groupthink with an emphasis on cognitive dissonance. My first impulse would be to walk out... but maybe I could grit my teeth and turn it into an observation of how readily people resort to every possible logical fallacy, biased study, and ad-hominem slur to buttress their prejudices and justify their bad habits.

                    Nah, I think I'd walk out.


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                      This is an easy class where all you have to do is regurgitate the teacher's thinking back to her. That takes next to nothing in terms of brain power or time and leaves you plenty of time and brainpower to concentrate on more difficult subjects.

                      Or you could do the noble thing and try and tell the truth and hope you can influence at least one class member. You could also squeeze blood of a stone for extra credit.
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                        Nutrition class...

                        I have thought about going back to school to get a degree in nutrition...

                        Anyone... would this maybe not be such a good idea? It would either be nutrition or holistic health... anyone?

                        Mark, you need to start a school. There will be one degree... Primal Living

                        Damn, it would be awesome to get a bachelors degree in Primal Living. aha! I love it! Anyone else?
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                          Originally posted by Cynarin View Post
                          I think if I ever were to start a paleo/primal blog, this would be the title. Magnificent.
                          Noooo! That was my idea! (sort of, I was honestly going to start a bacon in a bikini blog).
                          Haha, no it's okay, you can use the butter one... as long as you give me the credit


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                            Unfortunately, I can't walk out of medical school. If it were undergrad then yes. As unconventional as it is, this nutrition class is part of the clinical medicine practicum. So I sit in lecture and have a few private laughs now and then. Regardless, the food log is done so I'm thinking I'll just mention my primal diet and back it up by saying something like "...because 10 million years of human evolution is enough evidence"

                            oh! and ".....because I can sit and eat butter in a bikini."


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                              Yeah... if you have an awesome body... seriously, I would fan out my hands... make a little twirl, and say that your ass is quite happy with that diet... No??