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    In a word: stew!

    Any kind of cheap meat cooked in sauce can be spun out a LOT, and then the sauce flavors a lot a veggies and sides. If you're don't have a problem with tofu, you can use textured soy protein to stretch out the meat portion of your stews (it comes dried, looks like corn flakes). I make a great chili with 2/3 cheap ground meat and 1/3 soy protein. You need to add more liquid and spices because the soy re-hydrates and absorbs everything. And finally, search the garage sales for a pressure cooker, they're magic. They turn any kind of tough old meat fork-tender, in about 30 minutes. I cook stews on the weekend, freeze them in small portions, and then pour them over my sides for a fast meal during the week.


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      US Wellness Meats sells what they call Petburger. It is really fatty beef plus liver and heart. All human quality just at that fat percentage they have to label it "for animal consumption only".

      Fortunately, my dog can't read and doesn't know I'm eating all his petburger. It's delicious as a meatloaf, meatballs, marinara, whatever you want. And it's a way to get really good quality grass fed/finished beef without the high price. I'm not on a tight budget but I would actually pay more for this stuff because it tastes so good, never dried out. The fact that it's cheap is a bonus.

      Plus this product is a good way to get some offal into yourself if you are not a big fan of eating it straight up.


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        Originally posted by amber_maiden View Post
        I wish i could live off that little food... I could eat an entire chicken in one sitting. I might be small, but I eat as much food as about 2 people... I have a very fast metabolism. I ate more than my ex-boyfriend, and he weighed twice what I did.


        That's nothing for me either. I eat about 2500-3000 calories a day. I can eat a whole chicken, and still have room later on in the day...
        12 oz of chicken a day comes to something like 96 grams of protein a day. Info taking from this article from Mark How to Eat Enough Protein | Mark's Daily Apple With the addition of all the protein that will come from other sources such as almonds that should be more than enough to reach 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. I am guessing at that much you would end up at something like 110 grams or protein a day. I am not sure what your weight and body fat % is even at but that is a lot of protein a day. Here is another article by mark that shows his daily recommendations. How to Eat According to the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple His are even less than mine or the same for an athlete. I am going to assume you a serious weight lifter or athlete to need more than that a day.

        I understand you many need to eat 2500-3000 a day but you want to get those calories from healthy fats not just by piling in more protein than you need. Lots of olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds are the best way to meet you caloric intake for the day.

        I am around 185lbs and 10% body fat, I power lift and am a competitive martial artist and I take in around 150 grams a day or so only. The amount of olive oil and almonds I take in a day is insane to keep my weight up

        Just because you can eat a whole chicken does not mean you need too

        I would take your body weight and fat percentage and do some research on your protein needs because if your getting in more than 12oz of meat a day I would not be concerned at all about upping my protein intake. Unless like I said you are a serious athlete that could change things but even then it would be minimal.

        Good luck