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Day 5 eating primal and stomach problems

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  • Day 5 eating primal and stomach problems

    I started eating primal this week and have been doing good until yesterday. After eating I had this rock hard feeling in my upper stomach, almost feels like food or gas stuck in there. It doesn't really hurt but its uncomfortable! Then today again after eating I have the same feeling. I had a few squares of dark choclolate today and yesterday, but I never had stomach problems before going Primal. I am eating meat and veggies a little coconut milk, cream and cheese, and have had fruit a couple times.

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    Might want to google "hypochlorydria" and "Betaine HCl." There's a chance that you aren't producing enough stomach acid.
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      When starting PB I had that same feeling for several weeks, later it changed to feeling like a hard rock was in my lower abdomen for weeks longer. After that it went away.

      IMO the chocolate is OK. You mention cheese and dairy. When I started PB I kept dairy and cheese for a month and didn't think it was causing any problems. Then I cut it out for 2 months and didn't notice any change that I thought might be related. So I tried to go back to dairy and my body said 'really NO'. So was that because my body had changed, or because I was so much sicker at the beginning that I couldn't tell the difference. I still don't know, it might be either. And my body may change again.
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        I think Rich may have nailed it.

        This may help: Bitters: Invaluable Aid to Fat Digestion


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          Thank you so much! I actually used to take a food enzyme years ago, I think I will give it a whirl again for a little while.


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            When I moved out of an 8-year stint of vegetarianism years ago (into a simple what-I-was-used-to-eating-just-now-with-meat, I hadn't heard of Primal yet), I had some stomach issues that did go away on their own. A holistic herbally lady friend said it was low stomach acid, so I introduced the meat a bit slower and issues cleared.

            By the way, the advice on the Swedish bitters is very good, too, just in case you have never heard of them. My whole extended family uses them as needed for such issues. The family probably would get rid of the issues all together if they rejiggered their diets, but hey, everybody makes their own decisions.
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              Thanks again! It's very encouraging to have people respond, I started taking my food enzymes again today. And I will be watching the dairy to see if I feel a difference.