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Losing the spare tire

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  • Losing the spare tire

    The only fat I have resides just above my waist. I have been trying to work it off for far too long. I'm on my feet all day and work performing physical jobs. I work out regularly. I have been doing a better job with my diet. But, I clearly am still not doing something right as the spare tire just keeps hanging on. Has anyone else had this same problem in the past and now finally beaten it? If so, what specific diet plans did you follow to help you burn off the spare tire fat once and for all?

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    17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight | Mark's Daily Apple

    9 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Mark's Daily Apple
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      Intermittent fasting seems to work for a lot of people, and HIIT.
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        Maybe do some lifting. It has made a difference for me. Not perfect but better.
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          Do you have stores of fat elsewhere? Perhaps on your thighs, or arms?

          I haven't quite gotten rid of the bit of fat on my stomach and a little bit of love-handles, but my experience has shown that it seems to be the last to go. I didn't notice any changes in it until I had virtually no fat on my legs/arms. Now it seems to be dissipating. If I were to guess, you may be a bit of a hardgainer like me. I work out, but don't really put on any muscle. I've been getting stronger, but not necessarily bigger, and I think that plays a part in that disappearing.


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            Get more sunlight. Spend more time in nature. Eat whole foods. And get 8 hours of sleep per night in a blacked out room. If you do all that and still have a spare tire, then chances are your body will be ready for some HIIT and/or IF.
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              I don't know your age or background, but if you are a 40+ male who has had a spare tire most of his life, chances are you will always battle it.

              The best way to get rid of it as to eat a very healthy PB diet that doesn't lead to weight gain. Stay on maintenance calories for 6 months or so, then do some calorie cutting, IF'ing, potato dieting, whatever for a couple months to cut some fat. Then return to a maintenance diet for another 6 months. Constant calorie deprivation will not help your situation long-term. Also do waht Paul119 said above.

              Some will say that excess belly fat in males is a sign of hormone imbalance, namely estrogen and testosterone, these can be helped by ensuring you are not under a lot of stress, sleeping well, and having a good Vit D status, which must be assessed by blood work.


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                still drinkin beer, aren't you ?


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                  I found the IF helped there, doing a 20/4 protocol.
                  But for most guys as soon as you slack of a bit that's the first place to add back.
                  Personally I wouldn't worry about it too much if it is not severe, internal health is more important and image driven health is usually based on unhealthy stereotypes.
                  In addition with a history of unhealthy eating it will take between 2-4 years for your body to re-balance the lipid profile in both cell membranes and adipose tissue and we have no idea how this is affecting hormonal signalling in the body, so rather than aggravating this signalling by artificially pushing weight reduction my preference is to push health from within by good diet, lifestyle, exercise etc. and let the body find it's healthiest place.
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