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For Those of You Who Complain You Don't Have Time For Breakfast

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    Originally posted by Leida View Post
    In all honesty, most people will not be harmed by a breakfast of steel cut oats or other hot whole cereal or a plain boiled or baked potato?=....
    Can't say I agree with the wheat thing. Those who never consider giving up wheat will never find out if they are intolerant. And most people who are intolerant to wheat will react to regular oats due to cross-contamination, while many are also sensitive to gf oats. Like me.

    I used to make for the household what I called "blue plate specials" before I found I was gluten intolerant. I was speedskating, powerlifting, and doing chronic cardio and consumed tons of calories. And of course I didn't lose any weight. We had eggs, meat, baked goods (toast, muffin, or biscuits), potatoes, fruit, juice, coffee. Or potatoes with crumbled bacon and 3 kinds of cheese melted into goo. Or pancakes or waffles and sausage and bacon. I was like a demon in the kitchen, keep out of my way or get caught in the machinery and DIE!

    After a long period of pain-induced idleness, I am older and no longer need so many calories. So I just IF.


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      Well, your breakfasts do not sound like plain hot non-processed cereal or a plain boiled potato.... There are also other choices, like buckwheat, millet, quinoa... sure, if you have sensitivity they are out, but if not...? I don't like IF, I would rather eat when I am hungry, and cereal are very nice sometimes.

      I dunno, I understand the outrage about something highly processed with a load of chemicals, like bread or instant oatmeal, but plain old non-glut cereal? It's pretty neutral.
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