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Banana Brownies...Thoughts?

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  • Banana Brownies...Thoughts?

    Hey Guys,

    I was browsing around my local health food store today and I found these banana brownies. I'm a little skeptical on the caloric breakdown of the product since bananas are pretty high in carbs. As well, why is the banana brown? It says it's pure bananas that's it but I taste a little bit of dates in there.

    here is the website

    I'm assuming it's paleo approved.

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    I can't see an ingredient list, so not sure, but I'd hesitate to say these things are paleo-approved. They're a snack, like a Larabar, and to be eaten sparingly.
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      The number of carbs would depend on the actual serving size. From what I could see, it's unknown how large the actual serving size is. The brown color comes from here:
      Flavour notes: Caramelized banana, hint of chocolate.
      I think it looks okay as long as it doesn't have anything else besides banana and cocoa.
      I would also look into what all the ingredients are.


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        It says this:
        Banana Brownies Ingredients: Banana, that’s it!

        Not sure how there's a hint of chocolate in there if it's nothing but banana.

        Why not just eat a banana? If you want chocolatey, mash one and stir in some unsweetened cocoa.


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          I was just curious so I thought I would try it. It's a little too sweet for me anyway. The package says it has 37 kcal per 50g and 5 g of carbs.


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            how can 50g of banana be 5 carbs and 38 calories? 50g of banana is like 10 carbs.

            thats at least 20cals from carbs and if its mostly banana that has to be an infinitesimally small serving.


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              It's a little too sweet for me anyway.
              Then why even bother to eat it ever again? I really avoid calories that I don't enjoy fully.

              Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!