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    Hello, I just started eating primally about 10 days ago (had to get rid of all my grains). My goals are to be generally fit and get under 10% bodyfat. Currently, I'm probably about 12-13% at 5'11", 162. I don't really think I need to lose more weight. Probably wouldn't mind gaining a bit of muscle.

    So far, I have not had issue with the 50-80 grams of carbs per day. Protein seems good, probably a bit more than 160g most days. I do worry a bit about the fat, despite Mark's insistence. I do not count cals at all, I simply try to keep the carbs under 80 and the protein at 160. I typically get my protein from about 12 oz of meat per day, along with eggs, cottage cheese, whey, and nuts.

    Any advice as I start this journey? I'm mainly wondering about how long it takes for a typical Primal person to see significant body comp changes. I'd like this to be the one plan that I will do forever.

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    Am I correct in guessing that you're male?

    What kind of fitness program are you using? That'll make a difference in the rate of body comp changes.
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      I am male. Just added sprinting the last couple weeks. My workouts consist of three strength sessions per week, with a mix of kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises. For "moving around slowly", I try to walk 30 mins daily. This will be an issue in winter time, but I don't have many excuses at the moment. I try to get some tennis in on Saturdays, and will be starting a golf league shortly (nine holes walking once per week).

      I do worry about too much cardio, because at my bodyweight I am fairly certain I'm eating below maintenance cals most days. Without carbs, overeating is difficult, and I am rarely hungry. I use a fair amount of heavy cream to keep from shedding weight too quickly.


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        As usual I agree with Barbey. You're beginner workout plan is awesome. Honestly that's one of the best beginner one's I've seen in a while, not too much all at once, and just enough to build muscle and get the other benefits.

        BUT, for under 10 percent, I do believe a more intense workout routine is required. How long have you been exercising? Or is this your first go-around?
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          I've been training consistently for about 4+ years. BW was up to 190 in my "muscle building" phase, but messing around with different ways of eating got me to my current BW. Definitely felt flabby at 190, even though my size was better (size 32s didn't fit so good though).

          I despise cardio, but I do some Tabata stuff (burpees), and the weekly sprints. A typical KB workout is 60-75 overhead presses (each arm) with a 24kg KB, mixed in with pullups and leg raises. Barbell workouts I do 5x5 military presses along with low-rep, 85% max deadlifts. Bodyweight exercises are from the book Convict Conditioning.

          Since I no longer eat enough for true size, I'm aiming for the sub 10%. More cardio? I rarely come close to 2000 calories on any particular day.


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            I like HIIT for fat loss. It really does work if you do it intelligently. Depends on how much you put into recovery and how well you recover too.

            Something like 2 weight sessions a week, 1 bodyweight session, and 1-2 HIIT sessions a week, plus some low-intensity cardio thrown in before breakfast or after the last meal would do wonders in my opinion.
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