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Can someone tell me wtf is going on?

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  • Can someone tell me wtf is going on?

    Okay heres the deal:

    I felt ickpoo yesterday (101F/38,3C fever) and a really sore throat. So, I slept for like 15 hours and didnt do anything. I even skipped a super de duper cool concert I had been waiting for for about 2 months (ARG)!!!

    1. Why an I getting sick every six months on PB when before (Mediterraneanish eater) I NEVER got sick? 1 flu in the spring of 2009 and swine flu in the fall of 2009 and now a sore throat (please dont be strep)?! I feel better today, just tired with a slightly irritated throat.

    2. Why have I lost 7 lbs from Mon to today (Wed)? What gives? You wanna know what I ate yesterday?! CRAP thats what! Food that was easy to make:

    1/2 sweet potato smothered in Kerrygold and cinnamon
    1 pc sprouted toast (Trader Joes brand) with Kerrygold
    1 small corn torilla with cheese
    1 small apple with homemeade cashew butter
    chips and salsa (maybe 7 large chips and 1/3 cup salsa)

    Yeah carby he11. And now I have lost weight?! After all this primal eating and seeing my weight not budge, now I eat crap and lose that much? Im sure it will all come back as loss like this never sticks.

    Im confused.
    Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!

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    I hear yah! It's so confusing when the opposite of what you think happens. I'll be curious to read what other's suggest. It could be many things.


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      hmm body throwing out bad food?? doesnt look like much calories... and i ALWAYS lose weight in a snap when im sick... sitting around sick might mean your muscle arent holding as much as they normally would so they will release some water/glycogen b/c it is unneeded??
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        I don't know why you got sick, Tara. (too bad, please accept sympathy.)

        Were you trying and trying and trying and struggling with the weight? Or were you eating Primal and just letting it take its own course? Are you nearly the right weight already?

        If you were sort of stressed by trying and trying on the weight by keeping carbs really REALLY low, the stress might deplete your defenses to colds or flu.

        If you were stressed enough to feel low on energy, and then ate all that carbish available (easy) energy, the relief of the stress might cause you to lose some water weight. Seven pounds is a lot of it, though!

        Have you tried refeeding carbs on one particular day, every week or couple of weeks? That might help reset your system? Molecular Grokologist has been talking about the effect of the occasional insulin spike -- seems it's probably by no means bad. So you can say that you just tried that with your eating yesterday.

        Get better soon.


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          have you been been eating under 50 grams of carbs a day? if so you just had a big leptin release, and that caused you to drop the extra pounds. This is something mark talks about in the book. An occasional high carb day (primal still!) will sometimes add in fat loss when the carbs are chronically low!

          and i also loss some weight when sick too, usually this is for a couple of reasons:
          (1. I am not hungry so I do not eat. (fasting is good for healing)
          (2. Your body is working harder to fight off the bug, and with a fever it is trying to get back down to about 98.2 so you are burning more calories!

          Hope you feel better soon!


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            I'm totally confused too Tara. Hopefully someone will have helpful information, but it sounds like there may be some underlying issue that PB is not really addressing??

            have you had your hormonal levels checked? Like thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, adrenals, etc? Those can really make your system work differently.

            Also... the weight loss might be due to water loss... I know that every time I get sick I do drop 5-7 lbs, but it comes back when I'm better. Not sure the scientific nature of that, but I'm sure somebody on here does!!
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              Thanks all.

              MalPaz that may be it. So the cure to my weight would be to sleep all day! But really, I am sincerely confused.

              PDL I am just eating mostly primal and letting syuff happen. Which it isnt. Granted I dont really work out but I run around at work a lot (so Im good on the moving slowly) but maybe I need to toss more in the mix. BUT I do lead a pretty high stress life right now. I mean if I examine it from the outside it seems stressful but I dont FEEL like its stressful right now. I like being busy...? Eh, only 6 more weeks then I have more free time then after the qt at school my teaching will be over = way less stress. Oh and Im def not the right weight yet. AT ALL. 5'7'' and 175 (now) es no bueno. I could lose about 20 lbs and still be VERY fit and a size 7. Which would be awesome. I would love that again.

              Grockinout I think I eat about 50-80 carbs a day. Maybe more sometimes. Maybe less others. Ill have to look into this leptin thing/re-feed thing. I was also looking at leangains where the dude says to eat in an 8-10 hour windo, so that your always doing little mini-fasts overnight. Looks promising but I dunno if now is the best time to change it up. Maybe a fat fast? Just effin' drink coconut milk for 2 days or something?!

              Minxxa I really hope I dont have an issue and even if I do, I honestly dont have the $$ right now to get the blood/saliva workups done. I take an adrenal supplement (licorice) and eat seaweed for the iodine. I avoid soy and flax, so I HOPE nothings going on. I will have to wait and see though, I really dont feel like I should worry about that until I have been working out regularly, leading a low-stress life in addition to eating primal for a solid 6 months. If I still feel sh*ttay after that then maybe it wold be the time to look at it?
              Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                Suki just posted this link on another thread, that seems to relate to the sudden weight drop:

                I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.


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                  Yeah Ive seen that before. Ill remain hopeful that that was the case... but I dont know really.
                  Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                    It sounds like you're doing a lot of things right, Tara.

                    Who knows?

                    Hope you're better soon.


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                      Sorry the sick monster has been nailing you. But it sound like you're doing everything right....


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                        I went total primal last Friday 4/9 and I feel oddly amazing.Granted I get my food from a commercial store and haven't switched over to organic or grass feed yet.The only plus and minus is actually related.I can't stop pooping but at least I don't have to strain anymore


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                          Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                            I understand the confusion i have been eating around 30 to 70 grams of carbs a day and my weight has been dropping like one maybe two pounds a week. then yesterday i decided to have a pound of sweet potatoe fries with my dinner at work i think the total for just the fries was like 140 grams of carbs. well anyways i get on the scale this morning and i had dropped two pounds? i don't think it could of been water weight cause right after i got up i had just drank three 16 oz glasses of water.


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                              TT, some things come to mind:

                              - Take into account that some non-dietary variables can depress the immune system, such as stress, lack of sleep, etc.
                              - Seasonality triggers mutation in viruses, so they would be unrecognized by our immune system regardless of how healthy it is. At that point, it's not about getting sick or not but how we deal with the infection. A lower recovery time would be a good indicator of a good immune system.
                              - The loss of weight due to a high carb load could be the result of "shaking" your system. I read a very interesting paper about how very complex systems need to be stimulated in order to mantain their resilience, and this would also apply to us. Random strong "stressors" would result in a more equilibrated complex system. Or something like that . I'll send you the link if I find it.
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