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I love Mango pickle, how to make primal

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  • I love Mango pickle, how to make primal

    I used to eat Mango pickle on meats years ago and now that I am eating primal, its no longer in my diet. My understanding is that since its a packaged food product I am just staying away from it. I dug up a recipe to make it and I am going to try it but the first ingredient is a big ole problem. Can someone suggest an alternative?

    2c Canola or Corn oil (BOO!)

    4 unripe green magoes cubed with skins

    2T cumin

    2T corriander seeds

    2T mustard seeds

    2T black peppercorns

    2T fenugreek

    2T red chillies

    2T k Salt

    2T tumeric

    sprinkle salt on mangos in a nonreactive bowl. Let sit overnight in dark area.

    Next morning, pour off the water. Set aside. Heat oil to near boiling (again need an alternative oil here), let cool to 120deg. Grind all spices in spice mill or pestle. Add spices to oil. Pour over mangoes when oil temps are less than 100degF. Pour in mason jar and leave in sunny window for 20 days. Refrigerate after usage.

    Any ideas? My first thought was coconut, but then not sure if the flavor would be ok. Mustard Seed Oil?

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    Could you just use light olive oil? It has less of an olivey flavor than extra-virgin olive oil, so it might work...

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      Daniel, I'm from India and these pickles were traditionally made from unrefined sesame oil. Even before I knew the harmful effects of refined oils, I stuck to sesame oil for pickles for the flavor.