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  • hotel to eat?

    My husband is away at a Navy school. He's basically living in a hotel room. He has a mini fridge and a microwave. He can eat at the galley, and he tends to do so for dinner and sometimes lunch. He's eating salads for breakfast and dinner and trying to eat just the meat portions (no bread or pasta) of the main dishes. If they have a good veg he's eating that too. He has nuts and jerky to snack on.

    He's tired. I told him to try to add more fats someplace, but I'm not sure where or now. Any ideas?

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    Can he get a hot plate and make his own eggs? Do they have bacon and eggs in the galley?
    Meat and veggies... slather with butter.
    Almonds for snacks.
    Blocks of sharp cheddar for snacks.
    Maybe whole milk.


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      Canned fish.
      Coconut milk and oil.
      Can you buy/make pemmican and mail it to him? How about primal energy bars?
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        Originally posted by BarbeyGirl View Post
        Coconut milk and oil.
        I second this, as they are high fat foods that don't require refrigeration (coco milk should be refrigerated once opened) so he wont' have to worry about them spoiling.
        I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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          Paleokits are awesome in my opinion. Check out their site and the ingredients, and then decide if you want them.
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            Thanks...I'll give him all your suggestions. I already mentioned eggs and bacon, but they don't have that at the galley except for breakfast and he prefers to eat that in his room...but who knows...he might change his mind for a little more energy! I hadn't heard of paleokits, I'll check them out and have him do the same. Unfortunately he won't touch anything that says coconut. He doesn't like the taste of it and his mind leads his taste buds to believe he can taste it if he knows he's eating it. Now that doesn't mean that when I'm cooking for him I'm not slipping him coconut derivitives...but that's another story!



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              Buy a crockpot.
              A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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                Yea Go Navy! He has a mini fridge and a microwave shouldn't be that hard plus good old Navy ingenuity always pulls through. Oh and what Annie said