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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for discussing The Virgin Diet. Thanks to enthusiastic reader support, I've hit several bestseller lists including The New York Times.

    I want to address the egg question you're discussing.

    Repeatedly eating any food can create a food intolerance. Over the past decade, I've worked with top docs and conducted hundreds of IgG food sensitivity testing. One of the top offenders is eggs. In fact, about 70% of my clients test positive for an egg sensitivity.

    A number of reasons besides over-consumption create those intolerances. One, we're not feeding chickens their natural diet, instead giving them grain, corn, and soy. Two, the vaccines are making the chickens sick. Sick chickens equal sick eggs. And three, chickens are living in abysmal conditions.

    This is unfortunate since I truly believe eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

    I ask clients to pull eggs and 6 other foods for 3 weeks, then challenge 1 of these foods for 4 weeks. Many people are shocked how much better they feel when they pull eggs. It doesn't mean they can never have eggs again. But you can't eat eggs every day or you run the risk of creating an intolerance.

    I strongly encourage buying barnyard eggs if at all possible. They are much richer in nutrients like vitamin D.

    To the person who questioned my credentials: I have a CNS, CHFS, and a PhD. I have provided copious studies in The Virgin Diet to document everything I say.

    I hope that helps the discussion.



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      I am certainly one of those people who used to consume large quantities of eggs but now can consume only modest quantities without reaction.