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  • Back with a new outlook

    I stumbled upon the paleo/primal diet as I was researching nutrition and reading nourishing traditions. It made sense to me, seemed like the healthiest way to eat, and I jumped right in. There were a few problems though:
    1. I started labeling non-primal foods as BAD. I would feel extreme guilt on the rare occasion that I indulged in something non-primal.
    2. The deprivation and guilt made me feel out of control when I did decide to indulge. If I allowed myself a treat of a piece of bread, I ended up wanting to eat the whole bag.
    3. I wasn't eating enough fats, and wasn't ever really feeling very satisfied with my meals.

    I took a break from eating this way and from frequenting this forum because I wanted to restore my relationship with food. I didn't want to have guilt when eating certain things. My whole point is to eat healthy, whole foods, but not to be a Nazi about it. I still want to be able to enjoy some non-primal things at times without all the negativity I gave myself about it.

    I am now back but with new understandings:

    1. Use more fat! Ok, got that now.
    2. If I really want something that's not primal, have it, and ENJOY IT! I don't want to completely deprive myself of anything, or else it seems to back fire.

    I don't know why I am really writing this. Maybe to caution those who are new to primal eating to be loving with themselves. Know that the goal is health, and that this is the best diet, but having a slice of bread or whatever, once in a while isn't going to kill you. When you do decide to indulge eat it slowly and consciously. You might find it's not even as good as you thought. But restriction didn't work too good for me.

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    Agreed. I had bread at a restaurant over the weekend. It was warm and smelled amazing, and I don't regret it for an instant. Yes, I know it's not Primal. Yes, I know I should have resisted. But for me, the point is that bread and pasta are not foundations of my diet anymore. I hadn't had bread in weeks! And I don't actually have a gluten sensitivity as far as I know, so it doesn't leave me in pain or anything. If I'm going to go off Primal, it'll be as part of one meal only, and it will be something really delicious (not just whatever random food crosses my path). That attitude seems to work so far. And, let's be honest: pretending I'm never going to eat bread for the rest of my life is just setting myself up to fail. If I wanted to fail, I'd be on WW.