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  • Coconut Milk

    Why am I just now discovering this wonderful drink? I can't believe this stuff has been around all my life, and I have missed out on it. It is so good. I wish they sold it in cartons or some other more convenient container. It's delicious, low carb and very filling. I used to make my post workout drink with some protein, heavy cream and cinnamon. Now I replace the heavy cream with coconut milk. It's delicious!

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    They do sell it in cartons. I think SO Delicious is the brand. I suspect it has stuff added to it though. I don't know for sure.


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      If you go with the unsweetened, all it has added to it are a few vitamins and minerals that vegans tend to lack. Nothing that's going to hurt you. It's a bit watery compared to the real thing, however.
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        No, I tried that SO Delicious, and it's a Coconut Milk Beverage, which is watered down. It does not compare at all to the whole coconut milk that you get in the cans.


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          I really like SO Delicious, especially the Vanilla flavor.
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            I've seen Aroy-D brand coconut milk in tetra packs (500ml and 250ml) in some small produce stores. I don't mind their canned stuff (inexpensive and readily available in my area) and they make a really good canned green curry that's basically primal save for a bit of soybean oil.


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              I open the can and pour the coconut milk into a 2-pint size tupperware jug with a flip-top. Works great!
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                I just this week discovered the wonders of coconut milk

                I put a glob of it in my protein shake, water it down a bit so its not too thick, and drink it

                and since the protein powder is chocolate it is like