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Have you heard about this bee product?

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  • Have you heard about this bee product?

    I have just visited a honey stall at a local food fair where I came across something that's called "podmor" - I need to say that I live in Russia and this is a Russian word (not that I have heard it before). It's basically a glass jar fool of dead dry bees in it. The sales person told me that it's a traditional thing, that can be used for making tinctures and infustions, can be really good for arthritis and has a full spectrum of 22 vitamins, etc.

    So the question, have you actually heard about this bee product? What is its equivalent name in English? Do you use it? How do you use it? Any beekeepers around here?

    Thank you!

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    Ummmmmmmmm.......... ewwwww??????

    Do you have arthritis that you are unable to treat in other ways? Are you not getting your vitamins from elsewhere?

    I'm originally from Serbia, so culturally fairly similar to Russia, and I've never heard of this. There is no English name for this. I think I'd take my mother in law's advice and treat every ailment under the sun with rakia before using ground-up dead bees for anything.


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      Hubby is a bee keeper and I've never heard of it. Wow if we can sell dead bees our fortune is made! Seriously one of the things to consider is how the bee hives were kept. Most commercial bee keepers use pesticides and antibiotics so I wouldn't feel good about using bees, beeswax, propolis or pollen from treated hives.
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        unchatenfrance, I must admit it looked weird to me too, that's why I decided to ask around. Urban Forager, yeah, totally agree, you never know how they treated the bees. The podmor comes from Belarus, not far from Russia. On one hand, it's well known for its rich nature, on the other hand, control mechanisms about using pesticides must be quite laxed. I guess I'll skip podmor for now, although the idea of insect-based products sounds tempting and well within the scope of primal life.


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          I'm originally from Latvia, also close to Russia and Belorus. Our friends have bees, since early childhood have seen their granddad work with bees and tried all the goodies available. But never ever dead bees!