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Critique my lifestyle! What's the least healthy thing I do?

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    I just want to leave one more comment: Thank you for your positive influence!

    I was a bit resistant to the suggestions at first, but after contemplating over the past week, I'm going to make a few changes.

    1) I got organic ingredients to make my own salads three (maybe even four) times this week. Similar ingredients to what I was buying before, but I'm replacing the beans with a whole avocado. If it's a nice day out, I can just walk around downtown for 20 minutes to get some sun without buying food. I still like to get lunches with coworkers occasionally (and I can make reasonable choices while doing so), so brining my lunch 3 days will still give me the flexibility to do that each week.

    2) I agree that I need to eat more fat. I did a rough count of my macros last week and I was on a low carb and low fat diet. I'm going to start by subbing out a chicken dinner and replacing it with grass-fed steak. I'm also going to try to eat an avocado each day, and hit up that wild game restaurant more often. I'm also bringing plenty of olive oil and some flaxseed oil for those homemade salads.

    3) The beverages. I already reduced my Coke Zero intake last week, and will continue wean myself off of it. I've been better about getting enough sleep over the last few months, so I should be able to reduce my caffeine intake. I finished my last bottle of Diet V8 Splash and did not replace it.

    4) I reduced my workout schedule from 4 days to 3 days. Each workout is roughly an hour in full, but the biggest change from what I listed originally is that I'm doing away with the 45 minute Insanity videos and just do a 20 minute tabata workout or hill sprints once a week. Also replacing the abs and back videos with a shorter core routine that emphasizes mostly isometric exercises. Also on Saturday, I did the recommended 3 X 5 for deadlifts instead of 5 X 5, and my lower back is not sore today. Previously, it would be in pretty bad pain for a couple of days afterward.

    For me it's been all about incremental improvements and convincing myself one by one that each change is necessary, so I will try out these changes, reassess, and come back if I have more questions.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!