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Giving up the Dairy and Peanut butter

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    Try to think of these foods in terms of your health. You want to respect your bodies messages and listen to the wisdom it brings. PB and dairy don't make your body happy, isn't it more important to listen to these messages? If you try to give them up for 30 days I bet most of the cravings will stop. Try to replace the good yummy feeling you get with something else. Personally, Almond butter doesn't do it for me, Pumpkin seed butter is amazing, macadamia butter is like crack too. Try a few and see how it feels. In terms of dairy, full fat coconut milk works well, again, experiment. Listen to your body, it know's what to do


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      I made chestnut butter about a month ago with a bag of chestnuts and a blend of coconut and macadamia oil. The texture, consistency, and taste were all extremely close to peanut butter.

      might want to look into that.