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Vitamin A Toxicity

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  • Vitamin A Toxicity

    Hi Guys,

    I eat a lot of green leafy vegetables plus I try to eat beef liver a couple of times in a month (at least a 1 lb), so I'm curious at what point can a person experience toxicity. I don't have any strange symptoms or anything but obviously since becoming paleo, I definitely eat a lot more veggies to fill up my carb intake. I plug in my food intake on myfitnesspal and by the end of the day it says i have at least achieve my minimum intake. Some days I will get 500% Vitamin A especially if eat a big bowl green leaf lettuce. I am not eating organic at the moment so obviously the vitamins and minerals here are in question.


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    You will not experience vitamin A toxicity as long as you don't add polar bear liver to your diet.


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      This was discussed the other day in this thread. You don't have to worry about overdosing on carotenoids. Their abundance in vegetables is counterbalanced by their relative bioavailability and conversion to retinol. You'd sooner turn into an oompa loompa.


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        I eat 30000 IU vitamin A a day, all from animals, only feeling better.
        well then