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What is worse, dairy or grains? (for a vegetarian)

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    It entirely depends on your tolerance to compounds like lactose, casein and gluten. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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      I agree with everyone else - for a healthy diet, just eat what makes you feel best - strong, energetic, calm in your stomach. If it means taking out both grains and dairy, you'll probably find it worth it! If cheese makes you feel good, keep it. See where I'm going with this?
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        Just eat meat.


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          Originally posted by FromEnglandWithLove View Post
          Thanks all for your quick and friendly replies (Must admit, I was expecting some 'just eat meat' jibes :P)

          Did lots of reading up on Mark's blog posts.

          - Going to dump the grains
          - will keep up with whey protein shakes (think crossfit would be impossible for me without them :P )
          - going to try tempeh, miso
          - get back into eating Quinoa (its yummmm) and greek-style yogurt

          thanks all!

          (for anyone wondering why I want to loose weight on 8% bodyfat, rock climbing is a cruel mistress!)
          Tempeh and miso are delicious, I actually love most soy foods except for the soy dairy products (I'll take my milk without a beany aftertaste, thanks :-)). However, even before learning about Paleo/Primal I was leery of making it a dietary staple because of its estrogen mimicking compounds.