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    Hi everyone!
    So I've been reading about eating primally for a few months now, and have recently started changing my diet around to make it healthier. I've had success with low carb diets in the past (atkins/south beach ect) but I've recently been a bit worried about how it seems to be affecting me this time; I've had awful headaches, today one so bad that I nearly passed out. I've also been waking up super thirsty and just generally being really thirsty most of the time, and have been feeling dizzy and so so tired.
    I know that when you cut down carbs and stop relying on them for energy, there is a adjustment period where you do feel kinda crappy - been through it a few times, but this time its seems different. Like today I've only been awake for 4 hours but I've already had about 5 or 6 big glasses of water and I still feel thirsty :/

    I had a fasting blood glucose test done in November, which came back normal. I've had loads of issues with tiredness and stuff in the past (I was anaemic and had a vitamin D deficiency, my hair started falling out ect - curse the years of "healthy" super low fat diets I thought were good for me!) and I had a cholesterol test which had low LDL but also low HDL.. but since the "evil" LDL was low, the doctor seemed pretty happy about it..

    Anyway, it was around then that I started trying low carb diets, and around Jan when I discovered this website, so I bet those tests are a load different now! Jan I did primal for around a month, and lost half a stone, felt so good, had no headaches or tiredness - but then I did a nutrition class in college and it scared me away from the amounts of fat I was eating - switching back to high carb and low fat, all my old symptoms came back and I felt so crappy, and gained a load of weight pretty quickly. *sighs*

    So now I'm getting back into the whole primal/paleo way of eating, but I'm worried that all the sugar I've had over the years might have done some damage. It's the constant tiredness and extremely painful burning headaches along with the constant thirst that are making me wonder if maybe I could be pre diabetic.. and how this would change the way I eat, or the amount of carbs I should eat (more/less)

    Sorry for the ramble! If anyone has any ideas on why I could be feeling like this or your experience with diabetes and primal eating I'd love to hear it

    K x

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    How long have you been on PB this time? If the time is a week or two it's probably 'carb flu'. Changing back and forth is definately hard on your body, like bingeing. Stress is also very hard on your body so think as little as possible about the past - try to immediately think of something else. Tracking your food in a nutrition counter (like might help relieve you of some worries. I haven't had the thirst problem but many do and there are other threads today here that discuss it.
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      Go to Walmart and get a Relion meter and test strips for very low cost. The meter (I use the Micro) and strips are made in Japan and are accurate and very high quality. Do some research over on Jenny Ruhl's website and start testing. T2 diabetes can be quite advanced before it will show on your fasting numbers. It won't take long before you know if you have a problem. If you do have a problem, there are a couple great diabetes forums which will give you support and tell you exactly what you have to do.

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        Start eating carb sources from real foods. Fruit, potatoes, veggies. Also sounds like you might need some sodium, that could be causing the thirst and headaches along with low carb.