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All this meat... Can I substitute?

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  • All this meat... Can I substitute?

    I'm 2 weeks into "Primal" and It's going good, but I must admit I'm getting tired of all this meat.
    I've never been a great meat lover, and usually eating some chicken or a steak once or twice a week was more than enough for me.
    Since switching, I've been eating plenty of meats and fish every day and must admit, I'm not digging it.
    Is there a way to keep all the principals and benefits of primal working while reducing meat/fish consumption to three times a week or so?
    I have no problem with eating plenty of veggies, fruit, eggs, avocados, bacon etc every and all day, it's just the actual meat that's getting to me .
    What say you? what can I do and what do I need to adjust if I'd like to reduce meat consumption?

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    Ofcourse, do as you please, eat meat to taste and general feeling. To substitue, youd think some starch would be in order.


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      Just make sure you still get enough protein and fat. Eggs, bacon and avocados well all help.


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        Originally posted by zizou View Post
        Ofcourse, do as you please, eat meat to taste and general feeling. To substitue, youd think some starch would be in order.
        To the best of my understanding starches are not quite a substitute for fat/protein?


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          Originally posted by DDisNow View Post
          To the best of my understanding starches are not quite a substitute for fat/protein?
          Yeah sorry i wasnt really clear with the post, i meant more in terms of calorie substitue, to fill in gaps and satiety, you'd perhaps throw in some starches. But eggs are a good protein replacement, and for me personally shellfish is a good alternative to regular meats and proteins.


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            Paleo is not supposed to be a high protein diet. Sometimes people go overboard on the protein, and some people need less than others.

            You should calculate your protein needs and compare it to your intake as you tweak your diet, to make sure you are getting enough. The rest of the calories are your energy calories, which can be divided between carbohydrates and fat, however suits your metabolism and lifestyle.


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              You definitely do not need to eat meat if you don't want to, there are plenty of other sources of protein. I've gone vegetarian primal before when I got sick of meat, and I got my protein through eggs and Greek yogurt. I eat some neat these days, but the majority of my calories are starchy vegetables. Just in case you think primal is low carb, it's not do and eat what works for you under the plan.
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                The sad thing about primal is that Mark Sisson created it with a low carb stipulation. So like Damiana said above that she went vegetarian primal, thats actually not primal. This is why i think Mark should change his views on the carb curve, its outdated and certainly not for everyone.

                That said, you certainly dont need to eat meat. Replace it with dairy, eggs, nuts and other fat sources. If you are not interested in going low carb then replace it with veggies, fruit and starches.


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                  CW advises 60% of calories from carbs. At 1800 calories total per day that's 1080 calories in carbs or 270 grams.
                  Mark advises 150 grams of carbs as a maximum which is 600 calories.

                  If I look at the nutritional profiles of things like gf four legged creatures, birds, fish, and their byproducts and compare them to the nutritional profiles of things that grow out of the ground, the mammals, birds, and fish/sea creatures sustain with a little help from plants. If I look at the nutritional profile of grains and legumes, they are almost at the bottom, sitting just on top of pure sugars.

                  The OP likes bacon and eggs. So, start there. As another poster pointed out, calculate your protein needs and build around that. Fat is pretty available if you think you're not getting enough - olive oil, pastured butter, coconut oil, etc.

                  I have no problem with eating plenty of veggies, fruit, eggs, avocados, bacon etc every and all day, it's just the actual meat that's getting to me
                  First, just a gentle chuckle that bacon isn't actual meat (just being silly). But all of those foods are fine. To put into context why 150 grams of carbs is a totally realistic ceiling. Banana, a pretty carby fruit has 6.4 grams of carbs per ounce. IOW, you'd have to eat just under a pound and a half of bananas to get 150 grams of carbs. That's a lot of bananas.

                  All of which is a long winded way of saying, get your protein and fat from healthy sources. Fill in the rest of your needs from healthy plants. If you're not eating processed foods, added sugar, grains, and legumes, you're eating as Primal-ly as the next person.
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                    Glad to see this question because I have had a similar thought as DDisNow. I've never been a big meat eater and actually giving up legumes is kind of tough. I eat very very minimal dairy (occasionally cooking with butter, a little yogurt in a soup or dressing), ant more than that I my digestive system is totally out of whack. For the time being I'm scratching dairy out completely to see what the effect of total removal may be. I've been reveling in exploring new meat, chicken and fish recipes, but I don't know if I'll want to do that every night. I guess the issue is that eggs, avocados, nuts, etc are foods I would normally eat for breakfast or lunch, so it requires some switching around.

                    Overall, I'm psyched about our new menu and husband is enjoying it as well. He is always open to new tastes.


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                      One way to calculate base protein needs is to multiply weight in pounds by .37 or weight in Kilos by .8. Add a little more if you are a heavy exerciser.
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                        If you dont eat your meat, you cant have any pud ahem; berries or fruit!!!
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                          Vary your sources. Shellfish and bivalves are a great way to break it up. Eggs can replace some of your meats. Experiment with animals you have not eaten before if you want. Try the odd bits like liver, kidney, heart, and bone marrow. Learn how to cook.... for real... herbs, spices, and sauces add health and variety. Use homemade broth for stews and sauces. Different methods... slow smoked, braised, baked, fried, RAW... all good. Make one dish meals with fatty meats over a bed of veggies. Thats my advice anyhow.

                          You can throw a low meat day or meal in once in a while if you like....

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                            What meats are you eating. I'd suggest exploring a wider range of meats to get the most different tastes possible. You want to be 65-70% fats, 25% protien, 15% carbs. Use a nutrition tracker like It's hard for me to understand someone not liking meat, although I know there are many that don't, unless you're opposed to killing animals.
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                              Yes, more kinds of meat and maybe you need to learn to cook them in ways that mean you will actually enjoy eating them.

                              Long slow cooking makes meat tender. Marinating also tenderises as well as infusing various flavours. Different presentation can increase the appeal too.
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