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Gluten to cause eczema?

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  • Gluten to cause eczema?

    My 18mo old has had eczema on her face for a few months. She does eat gluten. Pediatrician says eczema is almost always unrelated to diet.
    I'm beginning to wonder if this is true.

    Dose anyone have experience with skin issues resolving as a result of cutting out gluten? She also eats/drinks dairy.

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    sounds like its time for a new pediatrician....


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      My daughter's eczema cleared up when she stopped eating gluten, and only reappears when she inadvertently eats any ... and hasn't your paediatrician ever heard of dermatitis herpetaformitis?

      Sounds like Not On The Rug's right.


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        Well, we left the country, so yes, ditched the ped too! To his credit, when we saw him last, the rash wasn't too bad and hadn't been there for long. And she had been eating gluten for a few months.
        As of today, I'm cutting it out of her diet- fingers crossed.


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          I am blood tested allergic to beef, eggs and oranges. When I eat them I get an eczema type rash on my face on the side of my nose. Like clockwork it happens. I wonder if there might be something else along with gluten causing this reaction?


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            My life-long eczema disappeared in 3 weeks when I cut out gluten completely.
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              Absolutely eczema is related to diet! I had eczema all my life. Finally went away when I cut out gluten. Now if I eat it, I can expect a patch of eczema to show up in short order.


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                My mom tells me that as a baby wheat gave me eczema and the doctors back then put me on special formula, so yes, it certainly CAN be related to diet.

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                  When my daughter was a toddler, we resolved her scalp and rash issues by cutting down wheat dramatically. Not sure if it was eczema eczactly, but certainly related