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80-20 considerations. Need your advice!

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    I think people around here seem to take the 80/20 way wrong.
    I see it as aim for 100% but if you go out for dinner somewhere and they cook in a nasty oil, just don't worry about it.
    Its not there to have planned non primal things.
    But I guess you have to take it as you want.


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      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
      When I was vegan, I was 100%.... it's very stressful to have that mentality. You end up disappointed a lot and craving a lot.
      Not for me, any "treats" make me want more.
      But I know we are all different.


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        Not for me, any "treats" make me want more.
        Yeah- the 20% depends a lot on your personality. When I was a vegan, I remember just this constant string of disappointment- not having a burger at a BBQ. Not being able to get ice cream at Graeters. Eating pizza with "soy cheese"....Being at an Italian restaurant with plain pasta because the pesto had parm. The good thing is that Primal meals are generally far more splurgey than vegan crap.

        For me, long term, to stick to something, I need to not feel restricted. I can go 30-40 days being pretty strict. Then I start eating my way around what I crave. Yesterday, I wanted cake. I probably would have eaten 5 cakes worth of calories in extra fruit and nuts trying to avoid the cake. So I ate the paleo cake. The problem is when the cravings get too frequent or when you indulge them quite easily. Like I would happily eat paleo cake tonight, but I don't really want it like I was wanting it all last week.

        I kind of have trialed and errored my way through this issue. I think it is probably pretty common to start by using the 20% regularly when you first eat Primal and then use it less and less OR go the other route and be very strict when starting PB then use the 20% occasionally. Plus I think the foods in 20% evolve over time from things like pizza or cookies to things like potatoes and paleo sweets.It's fun to see your diet evolve overtime to be even healthier.
        Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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          My boyfriend and I ate out last night at a local sports bar that serves inexpensive meals. There are only a couple of items on the menu I can eat safely (salad or steak), and I order one of them each time and have no problem. Or both if I am really hungry. He eats anything off the menu and reacts every time we eat there to soybean oil they put in most of the food, lol. He's not primal and it's okay with him. Kind of ironic.


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            I never set out to specifically eat a 20% meal (pizza or some such) just to do it. As others have noted, if the situation arises, no worries. Monday-Friday I tend to be very Primal, and weekends more lax. Figure if you eat 3 meals a day, that's 17 meals Primal per week, 4 non, still 80/20. If two meals a day, 11 Primal per week, 3 non. Nothing difficult about that, and as some have noted, the longer you're Primal the less appealing those cheats become.

            I'm on the fence about some of the "safe starches." If my wife wants a pasta cheat and I use rice noodles, it's technically non-Primal but in reality probably no big deal. I don't really worry about white potatoes either, not that I eat them that often - French fries would be a cheat, but a baked tater, no. I really think 80/20 is about killing food anxiety, and how you prioritize your food spectrum is something you can consider an ongoing tweak.


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              Im hoping, and early signs are promising, that i will indeed look to use that "20%" less frequently as i will have ticked off any food cravings or food longings i may have had. And thats been the case after doing a lil self experiment, by going through a list of foods i haven't had for years, in a week long binge has allowed me to get the off my mind and refocus.

              I understand people should be waryb if they have had eating disorders how restricting your diet and eating strictyly 100% would probably be best route and if you have weight issues or such, that its just not worth or viable to even contemplate going off the wagon with food choices.

              Me on the other hand, im 25, no weight issues, just a bit of digestive health problems encountered 3 years ago which a strict adherence to diet and lifestyle has improved my conditions, and a primal lifestyle helps maintain my health to best it can be, will eventually dip into the darkside as i call it